Monday, December 4, 2023

Google Photos introduces a new Memories tab with AI-powered auto-organized image collections

google photos has added a new Memories tab where it generates and stores collections of the user’s images automatically organized with artificial intelligence (IA), according to different themes or moments in which the Photographs.

The technology giant intends to make it easier for users to find “the most significant moments” from among its photo gallery since, as it has been recalled, smartphones are increasingly full of photos and videos, ranging from the “milestones of life” to screenshots and blurry videos.

In this sense, Google Photos shows the most important images and videos in the Memories carousel that is located at the top of the ‘feed’ of the ‘app’. However, now, the company has implemented a new Memories view by adding a specific tab for these collections.

As he has explained in a statement on his blog, the Memories tab will include collections of photos selected from among the images stored by the user, which will be automatically ordered through AI.

As detailed by Google, it is a function that acts similar to “a scrapbook” that allows “relive, customize and easily share” important moments of the user such as trips, celebrations or the most memorable daily moments.

Although these collections are automatically generated by AI, users can create their own selections of memories, as well as add or remove photos and videos from the AI-created collections.

Similarly, while the generative AI provides a set of title suggestions for these memories with the ‘Help me with a title’ option, users can also rename these albums to make them more personal.

Finally, Google Photos also allows users to “co-author” their memories with other users. Thus, the ‘app’ allows you to create collections in Memories together, in the same way as with shared albums. That is, users can invite friends or family to collaborate in the creation of a memory.

The Memories tab, which can be found in the bottom menu of the app, has already begun rolling out to users in the United States. However, Google Photos has indicated that it will be available globally “in the coming months.” Likewise, Google has reported that “soon” it will add the ability to share these memories in video format.


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