Thursday, March 30, 2023

Google One adds the VPN to all its plans in Spain and Mexico

Google confirmed that will offer access to your VPN on all your Google One plans. The technology company removed the limitation of contracting the 2 TB premium option to be able to use this feature. For the next few weeks, the VPN will be available in Basic (100 GB), Standard (200 GB) and Premium (2 TB) plans. for users from 22 countries, including Spain and Mexico.

Google One VPN provides an additional layer to encrypt traffic on your device and allows you to hide your IP address from trackers on sites and apps. The latter is quite useful, since third parties will not be able to know your exact location or activity on the web. Although Google could take advantage of this privilege to offer us targeted advertising, the technology company ensures that it separates user authentication from the use of its service.

According to Google, this is possible by employing a cryptographic blind signature step between authentication and connecting to the VPN. The technology uses a masking algorithm known as RSA Blind Signing that prevents the service from associating our user with activity on the network.

According to a technical document, Google One VPN never logs network traffic or DNS. They also do not store the IP addresses of the devices that connect to the service, the bandwidth used or the connection time per user. Generally speaking, the Google connection would be attractive from a security point of viewalthough not from the perspective of the common VPN user.

The main disadvantage of Google One VPN

enter blocked pages |  VPN

The idea of ​​shielding traffic is a compelling reason for a VPN, the truth is that most users pay for this service to bypass regional locks. If you want to access content that is only available in one country, it is best to hire a service that gives you a local IP. In this way you will cheat the system and you will be able to enjoy it without problems.

The problem is that Google One VPN does not allow you to select a country or region to connect to. The websites or services you access will know what country you are in, but will not determine your precise location. Although Google promises to shield your data and not take advantage of traffic, the truth is that this lack is its Achilles heel compared to its competitors.

If that feature isn’t important and you’re just looking for a layer of protection when using your phone or computer, Google One VPN is available on all plans.

  • Essential (100 GB) – 1.99 euros or 34 Mexican pesos per month
  • Standard (200 GB) – 2.99 euros or 49 Mexican pesos per month
  • Premium (2 TB) – 9.99 euros or 169 Mexican pesos per month

Google also announced a service that monitors the dark web looking for your personal information. When enabled, this option will search for your name, address, email, phone or social security number and will notify you if it finds it. Unfortunately, this feature will only be available to users in the United States and there are no details on a possible rollout in other regions.

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