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Google, on the way to integrating artificial intelligence in all its services and devices

The artificial intelligence (IA) is being the great protagonist of this year and Google celebrates this by combining this tool with its existing products and services to offer users more “productivity” and thus gain ground in the race that has been with Microsoft for months.

The company has already integrated or is on the way to integrate AI into almost all services and devices you operate, including your new phones and Pixel tablets, it announced at its annual developer event, Google I/O.


Google users in USA They will be able to access an experimental version in which their search engine will offer answers driven by AI.

This is “a smarter and easier way to search” in which users will be able to “understand a topic faster, discover new points of view and ideas, and do things more easily,” according to the company.

This experiment in Search Labswhich is called SGE (Search Generative Experience), will begin “in the coming weeks”, they promised during the forum, a great annual event of the technology company.

This AI works with the updated version of the model Google PaLM 2 language developer (LLM), which is also behind 25 Google services, such as the Bard chatbot.


Google opened two months ago Bard to a select group of people, but yesterday announced that 180 countries will be able to access and interact with this tool on English, Korean and Japanese and that users will be able to export the responses they get to Google documents and their Gmail email system.

In the “coming weeks and months” Google will launch Bard, in about twenty languages, including Spanish.

Google’s announcement comes almost on the heels of that by Microsoft, the other tech giant that last week opened up its free artificial intelligence tool, Bing, to everyone.

In the coming months, Google will integrate Adobe Firefly -which allows you to generate images through text- to Bard.

For its part, last week Microsoft integrated DALL-E 2 technology from Open AI (creators of ChatGPT and DALL-E) to allow its users to create images using text.


“Duet AI” is how Google has named the set of AI tools that will be available in its documents, spreadsheets and presentations, as well as its tools Google meet (for virtual meetings) and Gmail.

Some examples of which users They will be able to do with this AI are: write an email using only the keywords or generate images from text in presentations.

This technology will be “available to consumers soon” and will compete with Microsoft’s 365 Copilot.


the photo editor MagicEditor is basically a phone version of Photoshop where users can alter almost everything in a snapshot, remove details like the straps of a backpack and even move the people who appear in a photo from one place to another.

This tool edition will arrive for some Pixel users later this year.

However, Google has not qualified whether the photographs manipulated They will have some kind of distinctive, although he did mention that the images created entirely by AI will have a watermark, something that some experts have claimed as a way to fight against the disinformationsince it will allow drawing clearer borders between human and robotic generation.


The company launched three new products at Google I/O: the Pixel Fold, the Pixel Tablet, and the budget-friendly Pixel 7A, which has a starting price of $499.

For its part, the base price of the Pixel Fold is US$1,799 and it is the company’s first foldable phone. While the new Pixel tablet has a starting price of US$499 dollars.


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