Sunday, December 10, 2023

Google I / O 2023 and all the announcements we expect: Android 14, the Pixel Fold and more

This May 10 the long-awaited conference of Google I/O 2023 and there are a lot of rumors that have been circulating for months about what we will see in this event.

The company behind the largest search engine on the planet and the most popular mobile platform globally is under heavy pressure from the media and the industry.

Microsoft altered the dynamics of trends in the search engine market with the integration of Artificial Intelligence from ChatGPT on Bing.

While Apple would be a few days away from showing its first Mixed Reality viewer (a mixture of Virtual Reality with Augmented Reality) at its developer conference WWDC 2023.

Meanwhile, Alphabet gives the public impression of having fallen behind in that and other areas, so this seems extremely relevant to recover some ground.

That partly explains why there have been so many rumors about what could be shown at this conference. So we decided to organize a list of the most likely announcements, along with those that have ended up being filtered or anticipated.

Everything that would be shown at Google I / O 2023: from Android 14 to the Pixel Fold

There is already a live broadcast within Youtube that has been activated three days after the event. From there we will be able to see the announcements in real time as soon as the live streaming of the keynote begins this May 10, 2023 at 10:00 AM (Pacific time).

Following the tradition of this conference, the most obvious protagonist that we would come across would be the Android 14 mobile operating system, which apparently would not integrate functions focused 100% on the use of Artificial Intelligence systems.

However, the expectation is that these kinds of platforms will be talked about and what Google plans to do with them in the medium and long term, with perhaps a glimpse of some practical application powered by AI.

Another of the rumors that had circulated very strongly in recent days had been the possible presentation of a folding screen smartphone developed by Google.

Many considered this unlikely, but then, out of the blue, this May 4th the company used its official Twitter account to reveal the new Pixel Fold:

As we can see from its form factor, the smartphone would compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, although it is necessary to know its complete technical specifications.

In the realm of more obvious announcements, we expect Google I/O 2023 to be used to reveal the Pixel 7a, where rumors suggest it would be a 6.1-inch device with a 90Hz refresh rate, alongside with a 64 MP rear camera.

So what could be the biggest surprise of the keynote would be the supposed Pixel Tablet. But it would be necessary to wait for the event to even confirm its existence.


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