Monday, December 4, 2023

Google Home introduces new automation features and will pause a movie when the doorbell rings

Google Home has introduced new automation capabilities, adding nine triggers and nine actions, including turning the humidifier on automatically if room humidity is detected to be below 40 percent, or pausing a movie when the buzzer rings. doorbell.

This Google application, which allows you to centrally configure, manage, automate and control multiple compatible devices, continues to implement innovations to improve the user experience at home, making it even easier to manage equipment for household routines.

To do this, the company has announced nine initiators -actuators that allow the routine to start- and another nine additional actions that, acting together, allow new management functions. These are already available both in the Google Home application for all users, as well as in the ‘script’ editor for advanced users.

Currently, Google Home includes indicators such as specific hours or direct orders sent by users to the assistant. However, as he has detailed in a statement on the Google Nest Community blog, he has implemented nine new launchers that will help complete more actions automatically.

The new initiators are based on actions such as opening and closing, that is, when an element of the house such as a window or door is detected to open or close, certain actions are carried out, such as turning off the thermostat when a person is not is in that place.

In the same way, initiators have been introduced such as that the device that is going to carry out the action is charging or plugged in; the temperature in a room; that the volume of a device is muted; and that a device is docked or not in its base.

Google has also indicated that from now on, when the content of a device is paused -for example, a program on a television-, the lights can automatically be dimmed and the fireplace turned on. You can also schedule the humidifier to turn on when the humidity in your home is below 40 percent.

Thus, in order to schedule actions with home devices in Google Home, users will be able to use all these initiators to configure home routines and, therefore, take into account factors that could not be foreseen before.

Along with the launchers, Google Home has introduced nine additional actions with which the user can program new functions, such as those related to light effects. These include actions like turning on a light when the buzzer is pressed, slowly turning the lights on when the user turns off the alarm upon waking up.

Likewise, it has implemented automations to open or close windows and blinds at specific times, use the timer with variations such as pause, resume or restart; mute the volume of a device; restart equipment such as computers or televisions; and run ‘software’ updates.

Finally, it has indicated that among these novelties there is also the option to pause or resume a device. This tool will allow, for example, to pause the robot vacuum cleaner or the content that is being viewed on a television when the doorbell rings.

Finally, the technology company has commented that these new launchers and actions will be available in the ‘Automation’ tab of the Google Home application.


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