Thursday, March 23, 2023

Google Chrome releases design and so you can try it

Google wants to start 2023 on the right foot, and for this reason it has decided to launch a redesign for the most used browser in the world. As they comment from 9to5Google, this would be the first step of a deeper makeover for the browser. On this occasion, Google Chrome has started small.

As soon as you open Google Chrome in its new version, you will see the first change. The Mountain View company has put more emphasis on differentiating its tab bar from the browser frame. For it, has given the latter a more bluish huesomething that reminds us of the classic browser color years ago.

On the other hand, it has also polished the appearance of certain buttons and text boxes. For example, in the window that appears when adding a website to favorites, we will now see that both the buttons and the text box and the drop-down menu have a more rounded appearance.

But beyond all this, there’s not much more to show, at least for now. Thus, we are not talking about such a drastic redesign for the browser, but it seems that it is the beginning of a change in the appearance of Google Chrome that we have known for years. In fact, at the end of 2022 they included a function that reduces energy and memory consumption.

How to test the redesign of Google Chrome

Google Chrome redesign

Of course, this is a change that is still in development, so Google will not let you have it right off the bat. Nevertheless, there is a very simple method to get the new aesthetic section of Google Chromeand you just have to follow these simple instructions.


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