Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Google Authenticator finally solves its biggest drawback

Google Authenticatorthe platform of the big G that allows generating one-time codes for authentication in two factors of applications, has been updated with an important novelty. Now, thanks to version 6.0, users can synchronize the codes stored in the app with their Google account and, therefore, not depend on a specific device to search for the key and enter it in the respective platform.

The new feature, available on both iOS and Android, is designed to avoid the headache of many users when their device is lost or stolen. And it is that, until now, all keys generated via Google Authenticator were stored locally. Therefore, if someone for whatever reason could not access the device that he had used to store his codes, he could not log in to any platform where he had set up two-factor authentication using the Google app.

With this update, we’re rolling out a fix to this issue, making one-time codes more durable by storing them securely in users’ Google Accounts. This change means that users are better protected from being locked out and that services can depend on users maintaining access, increasing both convenience and security.

Google claims.

Now therefore just update the app to the latest version and sign in with a Google account. All the stored codes will be synchronized in the cloud, and those new ones that are generated too. In this way, if someone logs into the app from, for example, a secondary mobile, they will be able to see the same keys and enter them in the respective application.

The new version of Google Authenticator also comes with a new, more minimalist icon.

Why is Google Authenticator important?

Google Authenticator can be useful for add extra security in applications with a high potential to be compromised by cybercriminals due to their popularity. For example, Instagram, Facebook or any other similar platform. But especially, for Twitter, and more specifically for all those who do not pay a subscription to Blue and, therefore, need to use a one-time password service.

Mainly, because Twitter no longer allows users who do not pay for Blue to use the two-factor authentication that the social network itself integrated, and which allowed them to receive a temporary code through a phone number. Therefore, one of the best ways to protect your account is by using Google Authenticator or a similar service.

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