Sunday, December 10, 2023

Google Assistant integrates with Bard to exploit its possibilities like never before

In early August, a report from Axios revealed that Google intended to turn its virtual assistant into a tool similar to ChatGPT, whose popularity grew exponentially this year. Those in Mountain View, of course, also want a slice of the pie. Now it’s finally official that Google Assistant will embrace Bardwhich will allow you to expand your possibilities of use like never before.

The company mentions that, although the Google Assistant has been updated countless times over seven years, no new feature will be as important as the integration with Bard. By leveraging generative artificial intelligence, the assistant will become more “intuitive, intelligent and personalized”as mentioned by Google.

The idea, then, is combine the best of both tools in oneto. While the Google Assistant is capable of interpreting your requests through voice commands, Bard provides its intelligence to provide you with more complex functions.

Once Bard joins Google Assistant, you can, for example, ask it to plan your next trip, find certain emails based on details you remember, or make a shopping list for the next time you visit the supermarket. Of course, you can also ask him to compose a text message to save you time.

Likewise, thanks to the fact that Bard is now able to interpret images, You can make requests to the Google Assistant based on photographs.

Imagine that you want to visit a place of which you only have an image that you saw on Instagram, but you don’t know its name or its location on the map. By showing the material to the Google Assistant, Bard will not only find out the place, but you can also plan that trip you want so much.

The integration between Google Assistant and Bard will be better on Android

Google Assistant will integrate with Bard

Those led by Sundar Pichar comment that, thanks to the integration of Bard with other of its services, such as Docs or Gmail, the assistant will now be able to interact with both in a more effective way.

While Bard’s integration with Google Assistant will be available on any device where you already have the second tool, on Android there will be more benefits. And the company is working to make the experience in said operating system even more intuitive and useful.

“Let’s say you just took a photo of your cute puppy and would like to post it on social media. Simply summon Google Assistant with Board while viewing your photo and ask it to write a social post for you. The Assistant will use the image as a visual cue, it will understand the context and help you with whatever you need. This conversational overlay is a completely new way to interact with your smartphone.”


Privacy is priority

Google Assistant will integrate with Bard

Now, you may have some concerns about your privacy right now. After all, you’re allowing Google Assistant and Bard to access and interpret your photos. However, the company assures that This integration was designed, from the beginning, to be secure and private.. In fact, various options will be offered for users to manage the privacy issue as they wish.

For now, the coexistence between the Google Assistant and Bard is in an experimental phase. Google’s plan is to launch a testing phase with a limited number of people. Once they get enough feedback and ensure that the system is working optimally, they will release it to the rest of the users. They aim to launch it for everyone in the coming monthsalthough they have not yet defined a specific date.


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