Friday, September 22, 2023

Goodbye to the hegemony of the United States: they are eliminated against Sweden in an agonizing penalty shootout

An era ends. the almighty USA, champion of four World Cupshas fallen before Sweden in a penalty shootout that it has been decided by the VAR. Thus ends the hegemony of the North American team, which had no rival in the past two decades and which now sees how, with the growth of women’s soccer worldwide, it has been left behind.

After a game in which the two teams have not risked shots from eleven meters, they have sentenced the United States. The North Americans have gone from less to more, but the Swedes have not given their arm to twist, retaining the attacks of the team led by Vlatko Andonovski. In the extension, a non-aggression pact, where the teams were more afraid of losing than not wanting to win and take the pass to the quarterfinals. Fear has penalized both teams, which with the score 0-0 have gone to penalties.

The batch has been heart attack. has started marking sulllivan for North America and Fridolina Rolfo has made it 1-1. The next couple has not disappointed either and the 2-2 kept the equality. The turn has come for Mewis, which has narrowly surpassed Naeherand here equality has been broken when Bjorn hasn’t done the same. Ahead on the scoreboard, the United States had a chance to maintain the lead, but Megan Rapinoe, world star, has sent the ball out. She put her hands to her head with a face of disbelief.

surreal penalty

But there has been time for a lot. After Rapinoe’s mistake, the penalty shootout has been a constant mess. So much blomqvist for Sweden as Smith for the USA have missed their shots, just before they Bennison put equality back on the scoreboard. This is how sudden death has been reached where, after the mistake of Kelly O’HaraHurting has caught the ball with care while approaching the penalty spot.

He has looked at the sky, at the goal and at the ball. She took a breath and, after taking four steps back, she ran to hit the ball and send it near the left post of the goal, where Naeher was waiting for her. But despite the goalkeeper’s success, the ball was fired upwards, beating her mercilessly and just crossing the goal line. The Swedish team squad has gone crazy and VAR has confirmed that the United States’ reign is history.


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