Thursday, November 30, 2023

Good play is not enough for Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal (1-2)

Defeat with dignity for Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal. The people from Malaga saw how Móstoles won a match in which they were superior and at no time did the feeling of defeat. A goal from Claudia in the final minutes sank a Nueces de Ronda team that showed its fans that good results can come if they continue playing this way.

Víctor Quintero started with Valeria in goal, Cristi, Afri, Eva and Nuria. For their part, the visitors came out with Miriam in goal, Benete, Claudia, Piti and Celia. The match was very open in the early stages with chances for both teams. In the first play Afri had a one-on-one with Miriam from which the goalkeeper of the Mostoleño team came out on top. Then a fatal loss in their own half almost led to the first goal against Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal, but Claudia shot wide.

Tais joins the cause

In the fourth minute came the long-awaited debut of Tais, who soon began to show his quality to the Guadaljaire crowd. The Brazilian returned to the courts after a period of disqualification for bureaucratic reasons and was a breath of fresh air for her team. Miriam had to struggle on several occasions to stop the center’s powerful shots. Valeria did not want to be left behind in the particular goalkeeper duel and she stopped two point-blank shots from Montufo and Benete to keep her wall intact.

The sensations in the first half became increasingly favorable to Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal, who dominated possession and forced their rival not to leave their field for several minutes. The local pressure locked in a Móstoles overwhelmed by the intensity of Malaga. In the 13th minute Ksenia saw the first yellow card of the game for stomping on Benete when he was trying to come out with the ball played. But Móstoles resisted the rival dominance and had the clearest chances, including an indirect kick that Piti finished off Afri’s body.

In the last minute of the first half the referee sanctioned Móstoles’ fifth foul with a 10-meter shot that Tais kicked. Ari came on to replace Miriam and stopped the Brazilian’s shot that was hitting the right post of the goal. The marker did not move, therefore, and the match went 0-0 at halftime.

Second part

Nueces de Ronda came out more energized than their rival in the second period. They had three chances in a row, including a shot from Nuria that almost didn’t score the first goal of the game. The goal was a long wait after Málaga’s persistence, but in the 28th minute the goal was finally opened. Ksenia put a tense ball into the area that Tais couldn’t send into the goal, but there was Julia covering the space to score 1-0. The euphoria of the first goal took its toll on the locals, as a minute later Clau equalized the contest with a sharp shot that slipped into Valeria’s goal after a rebound. Back to the tables.

The last minutes were heart-stopping. Guadaljaire pressed while his team fought to get the much-needed three points. A masterful play in which Kichi and Tais teamed up through a wall could not end in a goal, as the Japanese gave everything but failed to connect with the ball. Julia saw the second yellow card for Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal for an elbow to the face from Montufo. Meanwhile, Time was running out and the scoreboard did not move.

With two minutes still to play, Benete put a measured ball into space for Claudia, who was undetectable by the local defense and made it 1-2 with a chipped shot.. A bucket of cold water for a Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal who saw a hard-fought match slip away.


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