Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Gmail redoubles its efforts to fight spam

All of us who use email regularly have been victims of spam. Those annoying messages that flood our tray and, worse still, take up storage space. Gmailthe most popular email service, is preparing a series of new features that, precisely, aim eradicate spam. Or at least, reduce it as much as possible.

Starting February 2024, Gmail will introduce a series of additional anti-spam measures. And Google is aware that, year after year, spam mail increases. As users register on more platforms, or leave their emails on websites of all kinds, there is a greater risk that the address, sooner or later, ends up in the wrong hands.

Gmail will put the spotlight on those who send a large volume of emails daily. Specifically, 5,000. First of all, They will implement a new email authentication system. With this proposal, Gmail seeks to detect when an automated system is sending mass spam.

Gmail will make it easier to block senders

Image: Kon Karampelas.

On the user side, there will also be movements. We have been asking for one in particular for years, and Google has finally listened to us: Gmail will make it much easier to block a specific sender or unsubscribe from a newsletter. In the latter case, those responsible for the newsletters will have to implement an option to easily unsubscribe.

You wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to stop receiving spam from a particular sender. It should take a simple click. Therefore, we require that large senders provide Gmail recipients with the ability to unsubscribe within one click.

Nowadays, it can become a torment to locate these options, especially for those users whose knowledge of the service is not advanced. Furthermore, in the case of newsletters, we often have to go directly to the websites to cancel the subscription. Fortunately, next year, these tedious processes should be left behind.

Gmail will also offer the necessary tools so that senders have no complications—or excuses—to adapt to the new regulations.

“We created these requirements based on open standards so that, once senders implement them, everyone who uses email will benefit.”

Gmail’s third and final measure to combat spam is a limit to the number of emails a sender can send in a certain amount of time. In this way, they will prevent Gmail users from being “bombarded” with spam. However, it seems that Google needs more time to refine this restriction, since it will be applied at a later time than the previous ones. They emphasize, however, that it will be a unique novelty in the email sector.

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