Saturday, December 2, 2023

Girona triggers ambition after conquering Seville

has been left to Girona a final stretch of the season as magical as unthinkable, happy and full of illusion. There are six days left and this of permanence, with the straight wins against Madrid and the Sevilleit is already a finalized procedure, 13 points away when there are only 18 left to play.

And with your homework done, regardless of whether it’s better, when you’re still so cute, to go to Europe, it turns out that the places in the international competition are only three points away, and it is not a matter of disgusting him either. Míchel’s team has stood at the decisive moment of the championship armed with arguments, convinced of what he is doing, surrendered to his coach. And with these benefits, looking up without complexes, anything can happen with the peace of mind that the nerves to maintain the category will be for others.

A strategic action at the exit of a corner served by Riquelme has put the duel face to face in the middle of the first part. It seemed that the ball, at the far post, escaped without anyone finishing it off and suddenly it appeared Juanpe with a stratospheric jump to win the game over Acuña and goalkeeper Dmitrovic. First, he has sent the ball to the back of the goal, in an incontestable action.

It was the first clear arrival of Míchel’s men, who until then had been able to control a Sevilla that played in gusts. The objective, starting at 0-1, was to try to reach the break without damaging, with the score in favor. And thanks to Gazzaniga, who has aborted two Bryan Gil actions, it has been achieved. Making the second would already have been too much: in the last play of the first half, Riquelme sent a shot from the edge just over the crossbar.

Logically, at the restart, Sevilla had to go all out. Because they were playing at home, in a Sánchez Pizjuán that was full to the brim, with renewed energy since Mendilibar took over a few days ago. He pushed the stands and protested everything. Montiel gave the first notice. Girona had to resist, hoping that the passing of the minutes would cool down the local spiritsespecially if the goal of the tie did not arrive.

And that’s how things were and what has come has been 0-2, the work of Castellanos. Riquelme had commanded an attack play by the Girona team and his shot hit the crossbar. Between Miguel and Tsyhankov they took advantage of the rejection, they sent the ball to the Argentine and he did not forgive. How this man has revalued himself, in six days.

What followed were a few minutes of Girona’s monologue, which silenced Pizjuán, ruffled his hair and was liked. In particular Roro Riquelme, a dagger for the attack by the people of Girona, motivated, supportive and dedicated to the cause.

Yes, from the last quarter, with Mendilibar burning the last cartridges already with Rakitic and Rafa Mir on the pitch, the locals have put pressure again, but Girona has managed to control the danger well, especially since the locals there put more heart than anyone else. In fact, the clearest chance for the locals was a fortuitous shot by Oriol Romeu, by the way, once again masterful, which Gazzaniga successfully resolved.


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