Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Gervonta Davis looks like a favorite against Ryan García, say specialists

One of the most anticipated fights of this year will arrive over the weekend, when Gervonta Davis takes on Ryan Garcia in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And such is the expectation around the brawl that the ESPN analysts Chava Rodríguez, Mariale Espinoza, Renato Bermúdez and Fernando Barbosa pointed out that it could be one of the best in 2023.

In a round table, the analysts talked about the expectations surrounding this fight, which will feature two of the best lightweights in the world.

“The most beautiful thing about this whole fight for all of boxing is that there are young boys, there are two boys, who follow them with a large audience, have many fans and the great variety are young, there will be a large audience since both were solid boxers. . On Gervonta’s side, he fills any stadium in the United States and we have seen the followers of Ryan García, for what we believe is the most commercial fight for at least this year in many years, not only in the United States, but also in Latin America. ”, said Renato Bermudez.

On the subject of where the winner of the best pound for pound in the world will end up, Chava Rodríguez pointed to the boxing significance that this fight will have.

“Maybe we are not seeing the two best lightweights in the world, but two of the most representative. For me they will take a place in the top 10. Although for many, Gervonta is number 1, but this victory would guarantee not only the ranking, but also being one of the faces of boxing in the following years, and being the next great figure of this sport,” he said.

Although one of the issues that most attracted the attention of this fight was the rehydration clause, the iron judge Fernando Barbosa pointed out that he does not consider it to be a factor in the fight.

“Gervonta is used to fighting with bigger people, and they say that he hits and very hard. Not going over a certain weight can be an advantage for Ryan Garcia, since he will be faster, more focused and has an advantage in reach, so the jab will be key. Although fighting at close range is not going to win. This fight is going to rely a lot on punching power from him as he steps back, that’s going to be key,” he said.

Although Mariale Espinoza points out that the absence of Ryan García’s ring can be key.

“First of all, the timing that one has in the ring is very important, because the adrenaline, everything that comes into play, the nerves, the pressure are very different up top in an event and especially in an event of this caliber, than when one is doing sparring, he is developing in the gym, even the small glove is not the same, I think that in that sense if Gervonta has an advantage, he has remained active and has remained active with good rivals, he does not come from fighting against Héctor Luis García and he made Davis work and in the end that rhythm is a great advantage to get to the ring ”.

Finally, the four analysts gave their forecast for this fight that promises to spark sparks.

“We see Davis as the winner, although the way in which that victory is given is very different, I think that Ryan García will be victorious if he takes it the distance,” said Mariale Espinoza.

“You look at the tie, how is the betting line in the tie, it is regularly plus 2,500, that is, if you put 100 it gives you 2,500 in this fight it is plus 1,600, that is, it does not give you much of a tie and when that is there, anything can happen,” said Chava Rodríguez.

“I see a war that can end in round 10 or 11 with a victory by KO for Gervonta,” said Renato Bermúdez.


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