Saturday, April 1, 2023

Generation Z and its new obsession to disconnect from smartphones: cell phones with caps

Some people believe that the world is suffering from a drug addiction. Many of them are centennials or members of the Generation Zthose born between 1995 and 2010, who are becoming obsessed with disconnecting from current mobiles and return to the remembered tapita cell phones.

These devices were the boom of the nineties and have evolved into what we know today as foldable smartphones. However, some people want to get away from current trends and go back to the past.

According to a report published on the website of xatakawhich cites a report by CNNthe old tap phones, lighter and smaller, you can get them for up to $20 at some stores and represent a new attraction for young people.

Why are old flip phones convincing Gen Z?

It seems hard to believe that centennials like the low-quality cameras in these old handsets, but the main attraction is in the be able to disconnect from social networks and only use the service of calls and text messages. Plus, a $20 phone sounds better than a $1,000 phone, financially speaking.

What would the day-to-day life of these users be like? An example is planning an outing with friends from a smartphone, but then when they go out they take their cell phone with them. They even have fun taking bad photos with their old cameras.

But not everything is rosy. There are concerns such as security limitations, since some parents agree with their children to track their location in real time and with the old cell phones this is not possible.

Is it a real trend? The report cites Counterpointwhich ensures that In Mexico, sales of cap cell phones increased in the last semester of 2022compared to smartphones.

Jackie Kates, Marketing Director at HMD Global, the company that owns Nokia, spoke about the trend, saying: “Users begin to realize that they spend too much time glued to their devices and have a strong desire to disconnect”.


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