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General Yaşar Güler announced as the Minister of National Defense of the new era

President Erdoğan, who took office after taking the oath in the Parliament, hosted many bureaucrats, including heads of state, at the Inauguration Ceremony, which started in the early hours at the Kulliye. President Erdoğan then announced the names in the Cabinet of the new era.


In the statement of President Erdoğan, who announced the new cabinet in front of the cameras at the Presidential Complex, General Yaşar Güler, the Minister of National Defense of the new period, was also one of the names that attracted attention. Yaşar Güler, who served as the Chief of the General Staff, was announced as the Minister of National Defense for the 67th term.


Hulusi Akar, who was appointed as the Minister of National Defense in the cabinet announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 10, 2018, did not take part in the new cabinet.


General Yaşar Güler was born in Ardahan in 1954. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1974 and from the Combat School in 1975 with the rank of lieutenant.

Org.Güler, who served as Combat Team and Company Commander in various units between 1975-1984; He graduated from the Military Academy in 1986 and from the Armed Forces Academy in 1988.

As a staff officer; He served as the Chief of Operations at the Domestic Regional Command between 1986-1988, as a Plan Officer in the Land Forces Inspection and Evaluation Department between 1988-1991, as the Operations and Training Branch Directorate of the 12th Infantry Division between 1991-1992, and as the Internal Affairs Division in Silopi between 1992-1994. Security Battalion Command, Bosnia-Herzegovina Turkish Brigade Deputy Commander between 1994-1995, Chief Military Advisor to the Prime Ministry Project Officer between 1995-1997, NATO Southern Regional Command Communications Deputy Chief, stationed in Naples/Italy between 1997-1999, 1999-2000 Partnership for Peace Training Center Command between 2000-2001 Gnkur. He served as the Exercises Branch Manager and was promoted to Brigadier General in 2001.

With the rank of Brigadier General; 10th Infantry Brigade Command between 2001-2003, Gnkur between 2003-2005. He served as the MEBS Plan Coordination Department Head and was promoted to Major General in 2005.

With the rank of Major General; Between 2005-2007 MEBS School and Training Central Command, between 2007-2009 Gnkur. He served as the Head of the Education Department and was promoted to Lieutenant General in 2009.

With the rank of Lieutenant General; Between 2009-2010 Map General Command, between 2010-2011 4th Corps Command, between 2011-2013 Gnkur. He served as the Head of Intelligence and was promoted to the rank of General with the 2013 Supreme Military Council Decisions.

General Yaşar Güler, who is married to Ms. Demet Güler, has a child and two grandchildren. He speaks English. General Güler was appointed as the 30th Chief of General Staff of the TAF in 2018.


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