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Gavi knocks down the Vikings and qualifies Spain for the Euro Cup

Spain mathematically qualified for the 2024 Euro Cup with a well-deserved victory against Norway. Gavi was again a whirlwind and scored the winning goal taking advantage of a rebound. A bit suspenseful due to a long VAR review, which the referee this time granted unlike what happened in the first half with Morata.

De la Fuente saved a surprise for the eleven. The presence of Ansu Fatirecovered due to the injury of Yéremi Pino, to occupy the left wing along with another novelty, Fran García, who entered for Bucket. The third change was predictable, Fabián Ruiz for Merino in the core.

Spain settled well in the match. He was the only owner of the ball against a retreating Norwaywhich based its options on the counters led by Odegaard and finished by Halaand.

The Spanish team was patient and began to find cracks. Ferran Torres sank his teeth and enabled Carvajalwho tried to surprise with the short suit instead of look for the death pass towards Morata.

Morata the mess

The Atlético goalscorer was the protagonist of the unusual play of the match. Strandberg failed to clear Carvajal’s cross, the ball was slowly heading towards the goal when Morata appeared to push him over the line. Rodri, at the celebration, already warned him that he committed something reckless, and indeed, The VAR annulled the goal for offside because the captain was advanced at the start of the action. If the ball was not touched, the goal was valid. Incredible but true.

Morata, in a match against Odegaard Sefootball

Norway then had a moment of rise, although Spain resisted and He breathed again with a shot with the outside of a Carvajal incisor that came out licking the post. Morata this time was better in heading a free kick taken by Ferran and Spain won in peace.

Haaland’s threat

However, with Haaland there is always risk. Two starts from the City star lit up the Ullevaal Stadion. In both, Laporte was successful in cutting first and blocking a shot later. Le Normand, for his part, saw a yellow for a grab that conditioned him in his marking of the Nordic tank.

A whiplash from Rodri looking for the squad that he narrowly missed put an end to a first half in which Spain would have left with an advantage if it weren’t for Morata’s childish action.

Double effective change

De la Fuente already intervened at half-time, introducing Oyarzabal for Ansu Fati with little participation and David García for the reprimanded Le Normad. The realist created danger as soon as he entered the game and finally the reward of the goal arrived.

Ferran Torres cross strip, Morata involuntarily rejectsthe ball falls at the feet of Gavi, who scores with his left foot.

Ferran Torres shoots in the play that ended with Gavi’s goal Sefootball

The action led to an eternal VAR review because Morata was close to the goalkeeper offside. However, she did not cover it at all and finally, This time the referee did concede the goal.

Norway, desperate

With this goal, Norway was eliminated and everything was played for everything with the entry of two points, Sorloth, from Villarreal, and the young Antonio Nusa, 18, from Bruges. The change of chip was noticed and Unai Simón had to make his first important intervention after a shot from his own Nusa, acclaimed at its entrance.

It was a phase of trouble and De la Fuente sought to tie up with debutant Pedraza for Ferran Torres. Spain went on to play with a double side with the Villarreal player and Fran Garcíawhile Oyarzabal passed to the right.

Pedraza made his debut with the Spanish team in Oslo Sefootball

Pedraza came out with confidence and, at the first opportunity, tried a tight left foot. The coach added more muscle with the presence of Sancet for an applauded Gavi. There were ten minutes left and it was time to tie up.

It was then that Haaland shot for the first time in a centered shot with the first touch. On the other side, Morata failed to score a ball against Nyland, although he was offside. It was not the night of the two ‘nines’. The rojbilanco, broken, gave way to Joselu for the final sprint. Norway couldn’t take it anymore. Spain qualified and, on the rebound, also gave the pass to Scotland. The group was finished with the two days of November remaining.


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