Sunday, December 10, 2023

GAME. In which division do the clubs from the host cities of the Rugby World Cup play?

This is the inconsistency of this World Cup. Of the nine stadiums selected to host the competition’s matches, eight are entirely (except for relocations) dedicated to football. And the chosen cities, while some can boast of having teams at the highest level in both sports, are predominantly football. But whatever. They were chosen for the capabilities of their speakers and the public comes in droves.

But then, what is the weight of rugby on the chosen municipalities? The Internet user invites you to find out by playing, through a somewhat unusual quiz: in which rugby division do the cities hosting the World Cup matches play? In turn, the nine municipalities will be reviewed with three proposed answers each time. It’s up to you to find the right one. But be careful, traps have been slipped… In fact, it is the exact location of the stadium that has been chosen. And not the big city next door!

There is no time limit for responding. Once you’ve selected your answer, tap “Next.” The answer and a short explanation will then be given, then the next question will automatically appear.

To play, it’s just below. Good luck !

To participate in our next game around the Rugby World Cup, meet before the French team’s next match.


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