Thursday, June 8, 2023

Gallos Blancos is sentenced to pay 80 million pesos

He Club Queretaro matched with the tigers (0-0) in the day 15 of the Clausura 2023 and with this result he ensured finishing last in the percentage of the MX League, which forces him to pay the fine of 80 million pesos.

The White Roosters add 92 points in 100 games, that is, their quotient is 0.9200; while the penultimate place, the Xolos of Tijuana accumulate 99 units (quotient of 0.9900). The difference is seven points and there are only six available in this tournament.

Set queretano he needed the victory, but he could only equalize with the tigersdespite the fact that they played local in the La Corregidora Stadium.

In addition, it also runs out of reclassificationdespite the fact that at the moment it occupies the 12th position in the general table, since the regulations prohibit the last place in the percentage from participating in the Final phase of the championship.


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