Friday, March 24, 2023

Galatasaray – Unicaja: Chapter II

As if it were a play off, Unicaja and Galatasaray faces are seen again this Thursday (6:00 p.m.), now in Istanbulin what will be the fourth day of the European league of Group K of the Round of 16 of the Basketball Champions League.

The greens will search the Sinan Erden of the Turkish metropolis a triumph that would give them the mathematical pass to the quarterfinal play off and the first place in the group virtually. A double prize that invites an overexertion to tie the objective. A defeat, however, would postpone a pass to the quarterfinals that is very close, but above all it would greatly compromise the final leadership of the group (a condition to have a home field advantage in the playoffs), since it would force us to have to win the last game in Athens. working day. And that is a risk that the green and purple team should try to avoid by all means.

Without much reaction time after the hard-fought victory on Tuesday at Carpena against this same rival, Unicaja traveled to Istanbul yesterday with the good news of the incorporation into the expedition of Dylan Osetkowski, who did not play the day before yesterday due to gastrointestinal problems. The club has communicated that both he and david kravishafflicted with the same problem, will be in doubt until hours before the game, although the fact that they have traveled to Turkey seems good news and makes the staff optimistic regarding the participation of both in today’s event.

After what was seen in the 40 minutes of Carpena, It will be a very tough afternoon for those led by Ibon Navarro in the Istanbul capital. It will be necessary to play a very good game to get out of Sinan Erdem “alive” and maintain the leadership of the group.

Galatasaray surprised, despite arriving in Malaga in an alarming crisis of consecutive defeats, making a very serious match at the Palacecompeting with Unicaja until the last attack and showing themselves as a team capable of beating anyone.

For the Turks, this afternoon is their “last” chance. They only need to win to continue dreaming of being in the quarterfinals. A defeat would already leave them doomed to a mathematical carambola to be able to sneak into the next phase.

Playing with a lot of rhythm so that the greatest compositor rotation can be one of the keys, pushing back, especially with the “little ones” of Galatasaray, and winning the rebound battle, in order to be able to run, seem to be some of the keys that Unicaja must comply to overcome the Turks.

Eye! to schedule. The game is at 6:00 p.m.. Ahead, 40 minutes to continue growing in Europe.


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