Thursday, June 1, 2023

Fuel tanker accidently overturned in Connecticut, USA, fire broke out

A fuel tanker in Connecticut, USA, crashed on the Gold Star Bridge yesterday and overturned. The fuel that spread around with the effect of the accident caught fire and caused a big fire. Authorities stated that the tanker driver was killed and several people were injured.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont held a press conference about the incident yesterday and stated that a passenger car had a flat tire on the Gold Star Bridge and crashed into the fuel tanker, while the tanker overturned with the impact of the crash, spreading liters of fuel on the bridge. Governor Lamont stated that the tanker, which caught fire with the effect of the accident, caused the fire, and that the tanker driver died at the scene and several people in the vicinity were injured.

Governor Lamont stated that after the explosion, the Ministry of Transport made a structural analysis of the bridge and the environmental team tried to control the fuel spilled from the bridge into the river. Authorities also emphasized that some buildings under the bridge also caught fire.


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