Sunday, December 10, 2023

From Taty’s “dream night” to Ancelotti’s “we apologize”

From generation to generation it will be told in Girona that night of a hot and, at the same time, rainy night in Montilivi in ​​which Taty Castellanos signed the perfect game: six shots, five on goal and four goals to topple Madrid (4-2 ) on April 25, 2023. The same night, with more than 13,000 souls in that old stadium, attending a match as beautiful as it was unforgettable.

the night that Vinicius He was an excellent striker (goal and assist for Lucas Vázquez) and a pitiful sportsmana, entangled in multiple controversies, without the referee being able to get the second yellow. “It has been an incredible night, the fans have carried us on the wings. I am not highlighting any player in particular, even if Taty’s four goals are there. He deserves it after turning off Twitter and Instagram! Turn it back on! I highlight everyone’s mentality,” he said. Michael.

The hot and rainy night in which the Vallecano coach has elevated the club to the highest levels of First Division, also teaching a lesson that he will not forget either ancelotti, the coach who is European champion. They left their players embarrassed on the pitch, unable even to stop for the obligatory television interview. They dodged the cameras, stunned by the wiggle that Girona had just given them.

“It’s the dream night, I never imagined this. I wanted to score a goal for Madrid, it was a dream. And there have been four!”, said an emotional taty castellanoswhile Ancelotti, With a serious and angry gesture (“I apologize to the fans”, he confessed) he appeared before the journalists with little desire to talk and without many arguments.

“It is inexplicable what we have conceded,” denounced the Italian coach. “We have tried to come back individually and not as a team. The team has not played”, added Ancelotti, hurt by the defensive disorder that Madrid exhibited in Montilivi.

“The team was nervous from the beginning, we lost control. It wasn’t connected to each other, we paid for that,” the Madrid coach acknowledged. “Defeat is never good, if anything is left behind, it is defensive commitment. If we don’t have it, there are difficulties in winning games. This is the key”, he indicated with undisguised anger.

Ancelotti, worried, on the Montilivi bench. AFP

“With defensive commitment we have made seven games and six with a clean sheet. In this four goals we have conceded”, added the Italian. Four put Girona in just an hour. AND Courtois in Madrid recovering from gastroenteritis, while Míchel, the Girona coach, praised Arnau, a 20-year-old boy, who had the challenge of stopping Vinicius.

“Arnau is the most intelligent player I have. He endured the game with a yellow card” (he saw it in the 43rd minute, shortly before the break) “against one of the best dribblers in the world. He is 20 years old and knows what he should do at any time”, recalled the Girona coach.


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