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From ascent with El Palo to transforming into a Saiyan in the Kings League

Many times there are phenomena that encompass a large social mass. It is the case of the kings league, created by former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué, whose league run by well-known internet personalities has attracted all kinds of footballers for playing football in a very different way than traditional with a very new transfer market. It is the case of Lulu, a professional player for Palo FC, who became the 12th member of Saiyans FCa club run by streamer David Cánovas Martínez, TheGrefg.

The Kings League format has made an immediate impact and very few people are exempt from its popularity. It was not the case of Lulu, whose children motivated him to continue the competition: «The truth is that I followed the first split more, this second not so much. Yes, it is true that I have two small children and they liked it, so I had seen something ». And it is that as a professional player, Lulu is not averse to this type of initiative, unlike others who prefer the traditional route. «They have found the perfect point of show for the spectator and competitive for the playerIt’s a different format, but fun to play.”

«It was pure coincidence, I was in the park with my children and I received a call from an ex-partner, but we were talking about another topic. Suddenly he asked me if my club would let me play several games in the Kings and if I wanted to. I had to answer at the time because it was a Tuesday and there the calls must be sent on Wednesdays. So it was all very fast », he admits about how his participation was forged.

Without any shadow of a doubt, Lulu states that “It has been a unique, different and unforgettable experience. Yes it is true that I reached Saiyans in a bad split. Although I think we managed to change the dynamics and fight to go to the Metropolitan ». Unfortunately, the team finished 10th in the Regular Phase and fell in the quarterfinals against the Xbuyer Team. The player from Palo does not hide how complex it was to overcome the sports situation: «They were very good teams that had played a very good regular season and brought very good dynamics. In fact, the team that eliminates us is the current champion.

From the screen everything looks very easy, but at the organizational level, setting up a program of this caliber, magnitude and characteristics is really complex. «The level of organization is spectacular, everything is very well controlled. They have a field where all the games are played, but it runs like clockwork. You have to go through 2-3 checkpoints to gain access, it’s all very professional and I am 100% sure that part of its success is the great organization and professionals behind it.».

New format with stars

However, the differences between the Kings League and traditional football are very clear. «It is a totally different context, the level is good for that format. Talking about the Kings and the football that I know is talking about different things. I think there are players who are very good in that format, but just the same in my team in the Second RFEF they would not have a place, and the opposite happens.

The popularity of the Kings was based, in the first instance, on the owners of the clubs, which has also attracted sports celebrities such as Kun Agüero (owner, president and player of Kunisports), Chicharito Hernández, Andrea Pirlo or Ronaldinho among others. “I have been able to live with david lopez, formerly of Osasuna. Grefg was home too and I can tell he’s a fantastic guy, he’s exactly the same as you can see him behind the screen. Playing against Zabaleta, Augusto, Lopo… has also been something unique».

Andrea Pirlo, in his announcement as ‘player 14’ for Jijantes FC in the Kings League. Jijantes FC

Receiving the call from the Kings has been a special experience for Lulu, but she hopes that it will not be the last time: «It is a very different world from mine, but yes I would like to help Saiyans again. I think that after knowing how everything works, my contribution there would be more similar to my real level, which is much higher than what I could give there ».

Ascent with El Palo

This year, without a doubt, is also special for Lulu because together with her club she has achieved promotion to the Second Federation, a season that closes in an unorthodox way: «It has been the finishing touch. PPersonally, I have pursued this promotion for 5 years in El Palo and just when we ascend I can play in Piqué’s league, also with Saiyans, because I am a total fan of Dragon Ball. This 2023 I will remember forever. In fact, In my basement I have the two t-shirts framed, the one for promotion and the one for Saiyans».

He prefers to be prudent with respect to the future, but at the same time optimistic: “We are a young, growing team, debuting in this new Second Federation, I think we have to go step by step, lay the foundations and fight for salvation. Once achieved, it is time to dream big, but with our feet on the ground, ”Lulu analyzes, happy with everything that happened at the end of the season.

In short, a neighborhood player whose main goal was to climb one more step with his club in the difficult world of professional football. What he did not expect is that he was going to learn to enjoy the sport to which he has dedicated his life in a totally new and different way from how football was conceived in his head, with new emotions and experiences that will remain in the memory of he. So at the football level, and without risk of being wrong, Lulu has found the 7 Dragon Balls.


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