Wednesday, September 27, 2023

FROET Driver School bus leaves for Ukraine border to pick up 20 refugees

Yesterday, the FROET Drivers School bus left its headquarters, in the City of Transport in Molina de Segura, bound for the Ukrainian border, where it will deliver humanitarian aid and pick up some twenty refugees that it will bring back to the Region of Murcia for its welcome.

The bus has three drivers, who will take turns driving and who have joined this initiative in an altruistic way, as well as a Ukrainian translator. This trip is made jointly with a van in which three other people travel, one of them a nurse.

The journey to Przemysl (Poland) is 3,074 kilometers, so in total more than 6,000 kilometers will be traveled, using seven days, round trip.

This humanitarian action started from a private initiative and has been organized by the Regional Federation of Transport Organizations and Companies of Murcia (FROET), with the collaboration of the NGO Friends for Children of Juan XIII.

FROET Driver School bus leaves for Ukraine border to pick up 20 refugees

The initiative immediately had the support of the president of FROET, Pedro Díaz, whom the promoters of this trip wanted to thank for his commitment “because he has done a lot to make it go ahead”.

In addition, firms that regularly collaborate with FROET have added their aid to the trip, such as ANDAMUR, which provides the fuel and is going to make its facilities in La Junquera available to assist the refugees on their return trip; as well as GESA, which has taken over the insurance coverage.

The bus and the van are loaded with humanitarian aid, especially medicine, surgical material, baby food, and non-perishable food, which has been donated by companies and individuals.

The trip has the corresponding administrative documentation provided by the Ministry and the Ministry of Public Works to carry out the humanitarian action of sending goods and transferring people, who will be welcomed by families and friends in the Region of Murcia.

*Explanatory note: The Driver School bus only has 20 seats as it is a special model for teaching.


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