Monday, December 11, 2023

‘Fortnite’ has the most successful day in its history thanks to the return of the first map

Possibly, not even Epic Games were aware of the overwhelming success that the new season would have, whose main novelty is the return of the first map. Last week’s extraordinary numbers already anticipated that, over the weekend, the numbers could grow exponentially. The reason? The players are resting at home and have more free time to play. Well, the estimate was correct.

According to data shared by Epic Games, Saturday, November 4, was the most successful day in the history of the battle royale. The return of the first map caused 44.7 million unique players They will connect to step on the stage that accompanied the launch of the modality back in 2017. Yes, it’s crazy.

It is important to note, however, that the 44.7 million are not concurrent. It is the sum of all the players who connected to Fortnite throughout saturday. That does not detract from its merit because, without a doubt, it is a number that many other multiplayer titles dream of being able to boast of one day.

And if we talk specifically about concurrent players, the new season of Fortnite surprises again. On Friday, November 3, 3.5 million players were connected at the same time. With that number, Fortnite broke its own record for concurrent users.

Thus, it is clear that the first map not only captivated those who were active in Fortnitebut also to those who, for one reason or another, abandoned the battle royale long ago. Having the opportunity to set foot on that mythical terrain again convinced them to return.

A curious point is that, unlike 2017, there is now a mode that eliminates the building mechanics. Many people enjoyed Fortnite for its proposal as a shooting game, but not so much when it was necessary to build structures to attack or protect. It requires superior skill with the controls and the reality is that not everyone has it.

However, having access to a mode in which you only depend on your skill with weapons is also something that influenced many to return. It would be interesting to know how many players of the 44.7 million dedicated their time to the no-build proposal.

The great unknown that remains in the air is: How long will Epic Games keep the first map Fortnite? Perhaps they had drawn up a roadmap in which they did not contemplate this level of success and, for this reason, they were forced to extend their stay beyond the current season. We will find out in the coming months…

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