Thursday, June 1, 2023

Former player from America busts Israel Reyes: “He shines on the pitch, not off it”

The painful removal of America in the semifinals of the closing 2023 at the hands of Chivas It went deep into the fans; however, Israel Reyes he changed the chip quickly and a few hours into the game he went on vacation to cancun together with his current partner, Nailea Glass.

In addition to this, at the start of the league the creamblue player He painted his hair with his girlfriend, so both situations caused annoyance among the team’s fans, who quickly let him know on social networks.

Israel Reyes has been strongly criticized for his change of look and going on a trip after the elimination of America.

“It was urgent for him to be eliminated to go with his girlfriend on vacation”, “Great, Reyes! He allowed himself to be eliminated so that he could have the day off and celebrate his birthday with his girlfriend ”, were some of the comments.

Even the followers of the Eagles they blamed the couple for Kings as the person responsible for his poor performance at the big party, knocking down the youth squad Puebla for his off-court actions.

The situation got out of control that the nailea shared on her social networks that she and the Mexican national team received threats for their trip to the Mexican Caribbean.

“They went too far with the threat. It’s just football, they ‘hook’ (sic) and you have nothing to do with it hahaha. They even told us ‘don’t even think about stopping in Coapa‘. How sad that there are people who mix sports with people’s social and personal lives, ”she wrote the former Cruz Azul Women’s player.

To the criticisms of Kings added that of Aaron Padilla, former player of America from 2004 to 2006, who did not share the idea of ​​the defender’s change of look, so he sent him a message mentioning that if he wanted to be noticed, he would do it on the pitch.

“I arrived in America, I had hair that color! next day he sat me down back in his office: Make no mistake, you’re in the biggest club. Do you want to make yourself noticed and shine? He looks like playing soccer and on the field. Not out of it, with those antics. That’s when I understood WHERE I WAS. Do the same”, asked the Gansito.


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