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Forget solving more CAPTCHA tests with this Chrome extension: that’s how it works

The need to solve CAPTCHA tests has spread to most websites where a login is required. Thus, the servers confirm that we are a real human being and not an internet bot, at least in theory. However, they can become quite an annoying exercise, especially when we have to complete them repeatedly.

With the version of Safari that shipped with iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, Apple fixed the problem by implementing an option to autofill these tests. Now, a new extension will allow you to bring this same function to the rest of your browsers Chromium-based, such as the classic Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and also Firefox. The best thing is that it works on both Mac and Windows computers.

The name of the extension is Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans. Its function is to do what its name says: solve CAPTCHA tests for you, automaticallyso that your internet browsing does not have any friction.

How to solve CAPTCHA tests with this Chrome extension

Although it seems ironic due to the reason for the origin of the CAPTCHA, this bot allows you to solve the tests without getting too involved. First of all, You must install it by following the link that we left you above. To do this, you just have to touch Add to Chromeand follow the instructions on the screen.

Once the extension is installed, the next step will be to restart your browser. This is achieved by closing and opening the application, nothing complicated. From now on, logging into your favorite websites will be much easier than before

That’s how Buster works

Chrome extension to solve CAPTCHA tests

To solve the CAPTCHAs, the Buster extension uses the audio modality of this type of tests. In this way, it uses voice recognition to solve the challenges that the web orders the user.

However, Buster does not work automatically. To solve the CAPTCHA for you, First you will have to tap on the orange icon in the shape of a person located at the bottom of the box. This must be repeated for each of the tests that the website requests. Then tap on play and check.

Yes indeed, the process is much faster than if you decide to do it yourself. After all, bots have been much more effective at proving they’re human than we are. At least that’s how a recent investigation finds it.

Note that Buster might fail to solve some CAPTCHAs. The technology is still too limited to ensure 100% accuracy in this type of internet testing. Also, if you use it too many times a day, you could face a temporary block by the website. Given this, the creators of the extension leave us some solutions.

  • Clear your browsing data: history, cookies and cache.
  • Change your IP address. This can be done with a VPN. If your internet provider offers dynamic addresses, it will suffice to restart your modem for a couple of seconds.
  • Solve other CAPTCHAs. Google will increase your trust score in these tests if you can solve other tests on different websites. This will give you access to the audio challenge again.
  • Wait. If nothing works, the server lockdown could be lifted over several hours or days. In this case, the only option will be to wait.

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