In the first semi-final of the SAFF women’s championship, Bangladesh girls reached the final for the second time after defeating Bhutan. The red-green representative will look to taste the title for the first time after defeating the hosts Nepal. Tigers have a little more confidence. This was heard in the voice of Sanjida Akhtar, the midfielder of the team.

Sanjeeda posted a post on her official page on the social media Facebook yesterday. It went viral in no time. At the same time, this 22-year-old star footballer is floating in praise.


Sanjida Akhter writes, ‘Bangladesh in the final of the Saf Women’s Championship for the second time. I played the final for the first time in 2016. We lost against Sebar India. We came to the podium 5 times, 1 time runner-up, 3 times semi-final and 1 time we left the group stage.

Alhamdulillah, we are in a great rhythm on the field this time, the opponent is the host Nepal in the final. Playing the final as the host or playing the final against the home team is always exciting. Also, this year’s final match is slightly different. A new champion country will be cleared after many days. And so this is going to be a thrilling final match, no doubt. ‘

He also said, ‘Bangladesh got the excellence of South Asia in 2003 by the Bangladesh men’s national football team. We still hear that story. It is considered as the brightest part in Bangladesh football’s great success story. Now it’s our time to win. Every member of our team is looking forward to win it. ‘


Talking about winning the title for the people of Bangladesh, Sanjida wrote, ‘We want to win it for all the dreamers who are eager to embrace this dream of ours. We would like to repay the absolute support. While not standing with the trophy in the open-top champion bus, let’s leave society’s tip-off aside to win it for the people who have helped us touch the green grass. This success of ours may help us to get some more Sabina, Krishna, Maria. I want to make this road of Anuj’s friend easier.

My house is near the mountain. I have seen from close quarters the fighting mentality of the mountain brothers, the unyielding attitude of the poor and hardworking people of rural Bengal towards life. In the final, we will not be fighting as a footballer, there will be a team of 11 players, many of whom have come so far losing their fathers, taking the last possessions of their mothers, selling their sister’s ornaments, many of them being the only source of income for the family.

We are used to fighting the battle of life. Will fight till the last minute for supremacy in South Asia. Victory – defeat is in the hands of God. But believe us, we will not make any mistakes in our efforts, inshallah. Pray for us.’


It should be noted that the girls of Bangladesh advanced to the semi-finals by being the best in the group. As a result, Sabina Khatunra got the runner-up team Bhutan from the other group as an opponent in the fight to reach the final. Golam Rabbani Chhotan’s disciples confirmed their ticket to the final by beating Bhutan 6-0 in the best four game.

(19 September/MM)