Thursday, March 30, 2023

Football and childhood: the steps of the RFEF to prevent violence against minors

Elvira Andrés Monte gave a talk on this topic on Monday, March 6 at the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas in front of technicians, coordinators and a host of Federation workers whom she wanted to notify of the importance of her work and relationship with minors : “We must bear in mind that any situation of violence or lack of protection has a immediate impact on the boy or girl that, in addition, can leave sequelae in the future. One can be a coach, psychologist, tutor, prop man or ‘team manager’, but no one can forget that because we are who we are and work with minors, we have a moral duty to ensure the well-being of the children with whom we work, prevent circumstances that may generate lack of protection and alert whenever we detect any behavior that we consider contrary to good treatment and the protection of children”.

Look beyond the athlete and help him with football

To the active collaboration that the vice president asks for, is added the fact of looking beyond the athlete, “because in addition to being good athletes, which is the main reason why they are called up to our national teams, outside of concentrations and championships they are people with their own circumstances. It is important to know if the minor comes to train with an emotionally charged backpack due to a complicated situation in your family, if you feel isolated at school, if your parents are in a divorce process that is destabilizing the girl or boy… There are many circumstances that can make the behavior or performance of that minor is not appropriate and we must be aware of this in order to help you through football. I know that here, at the RFEF, this aspect is worked on with great interest.”.


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