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Follow these steps to use the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT in WhatsApp

ChatGPT It is one of the artificial intelligence (AI) platforms of the moment. A text writing bot that is a trend on the Internet, social networks and that can be used through WhatsApp.

What use can we give to this AI in the instant messaging app? Basically, chat with her, as if she were another contact on our list.

A report published on the website of xataka shared the steps to follow to use ChatGPT in the Meta application.

God in a Box

To talk with ChatGPT on WhatsApp, we must use the website God in a Box. There we must identify ourselves with our Google account and we will register our phone so that the platform can contact you. Message limit is 40 per month for free.

This cheat is supported both on the mobile app and via the computer. When entering for the first time, we will see an introduction page, where you have to click on the button Getting Started which will appear in green.

When clicking, it will show us another introduction page where they ask to log in, pressing Sign in with Google, which appears in red. After entering, on a screen You must write the number with which you use WhatsApp and select Submit.

God in a Box
God in a Box
God in a Box

With the previous step, the platform will know from which number you will contact it. Then, on another page, they will ask you to send a verification message to a number that the screen shows to confirm that it is you.

The last step is to receive a link from ChatGPT on WhatsApp. You must access it to complete your free user profile with your age, gender and location. By filling in the data and clicking submit, you will be ready to chat with the AI.

God in a Box
God in a Box


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