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Foggia signs a clear victory in Moto3 and Guevara is within a shot of the title

The Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) achieved a clear victory in the Thailand Grand Prix Moto3 which was played in the “Chang International” circuit, ahead of the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna) and Italian Riccardo Rossi (Honda), in which the Spanish Izan Guevara (GasGas), who finished fifth, is within range of the world title for the next race in Australia.

Guevara has an advantage of 49 points over the Italian Foggia, who is now second as Sergio García Dols did not score, who is 56 points behind, and 71 points behind the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki.

The Spaniard only needs to win in Australia or give up a maximum of two points to Foggialosing no more than five to his teammate Sergio García Dols, and twenty to the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki.

The Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) did not fail at the time of the start and after dominating practically all the training sessions, he did not hesitate to take command of the race from the moment the red light went out, setting a strong pace to break the main group as soon as possible.

Soon the race lost one of its main protagonists, the Spanish Sergio Garcia Dols (GasGas), who could not avoid the also Spanish Adrian Fernandez (KTM) in the corner from the entrance to the finish line and both ended up on the ground, a mishap with which García Dols practically said goodbye to his options for the world title by not scoring in Thailand.

Sergio García Dols continued in the race, with a lost lap, in an attempt to stay on track in case a red flag forced a second start of the race, but a first entry in his workshop with some technical problem and a subsequent long lap penalty for exceeding the limits of the circuit too much ended up definitively breaking the aspirations of the Spanish to add a point in Thailand, which ended up retiring.

Izan Guevara, the world leader, managed to recover two positions from eleventh that he occupied in the starting line-up, while ahead of him Dennis Foggia was gradually opening a gap with respect to all his rivals at the head of the race and the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna) was responsible for the chasing group, with eight riders and, one A little further back, Izan Guevara leading a second group that wanted to link up with those in front.

In the fourth lap Izan Guevara had already managed to link up with the group in front -maintaining ninth place-, who managed to stop the momentum of a Dennis Foggia who was unable to open a definitive gap.

With Foggia in command of the race, Ayumu Sasaki, Daviv Muñoz (KTM), Diogo Moreira (KTM), Riccardo Rossi (Honda) and Jaume Masiá (KTM) followed in his wake, and Guevara who gained a position in the chasing group followed by the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM) and who lost another of his protagonists, the Japanese Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda), who had to withdraw with technical problems on his motorcycle, and in which Sergio García Dols sat “comfortably behind all of them, without disturbing any of his opponents, knowing that this could mean seeing a black flag and eliminating him from the Moto3 race.

Foggia could not break the race and in his wake a series of dangerous riders were placed for his intentions of winning the race, in particular with regard to the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki, who never lost his slipstream, but did allow Jaume Masiá to stay off the hook as a bridgehead with Guevara’s group.

in that group Öncü had to comply with a sanction long lap that relegated him to twelfth place and again forced to come back, although the Turkish driver was no longer as focused and was again penalized with another long lap for exceeding the limits of the circuit that made him definitively move away from the positions of head.

Nine laps from the end, on the thirteenth lap, Sergio García Dols had to take the road to the workshops and Ayumu Sasaki assumed the lead of the race for the first time, but it didn’t take long for the Italian to recover it, just one lap later.

Guevara’s group reached Masiá and both came to touch at turn fivea moment that Daniel Holgado took advantage of to lead the chasing group, already very far from the lead of the race, almost six seconds away, but with the possibility of hooking the Brazilian Diogo Moreira and the Spanish David Muñoz, who were losing “bellows” with respect to the race head.

The world leader, without getting nervous at any time and with very clear ideas, was recovering ground little by little on a circuit that at no time has been conducive to him and three laps from the end he had managed to hunt down Diogo Moreira to get fifth and already with David Muñoz in his sights.

A pilot error it made him go too far into a corner and he was overtaken by the Italian Andrea Migno and David Muñoz when he had already caught up, which made him go from fourth to sixth position, with just over two laps to go to try to recover a fourth place that would minimize the loss of points against Dennis Foggia.

In the end it couldn’t be and in the final lap It was another Italian, Stefano Nepa (KTM) who took fourth place from Izan Guevarawho was fifth, ahead of Andrea Migno, Diogo Moreira, Jaume Masiá, David Muñoz, Ryusei Yamanaka (KTM), and Daniel Holgado.

Foggia achieved an unappealable victorywith Sasaki and Rossi next to him on the podium.

And, behind, Carlos Tatay (CFMoto) was thirteenth, ahead of his teammate Xavier Artigas and the British Scott Ogden (Honda).

Out of the points finished Vicente Pérez (Honda), nineteenth, Iván Ortolá (KTM), twentieth, and Ana Carrasco (KTM)Twenty second.

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