Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Fire in Eden Gardens dressing room

One of the main venues of the World Cup is Eden Gardens. So last minute preparations were going on at the venue. Meanwhile, a terrible fire broke out in Eden’s dressing room. A fire broke out in Eden’s dressing room at around 11:50 pm on Wednesday. The fire was brought under control in about an hour.

After preliminary investigation, the fire authorities said that the fire started from a short-circuit. Although there was no major damage, the equipment of the players kept in the dressing room was damaged in the fire, according to the fire department. Also the false ceiling of the dressing room was badly burnt. For now, the entire Eden Garden has been cut off.

A delegation of ICC and BCCI visited Eden Gardens a few days ago. During the visit they toured the entire stadium and were quite satisfied with the progress of the work. The ICC delegation will visit Eden once again in the first week of September. Eden will be declared fit only then. However, a fire broke out a few days before the World Cup, and now questions are being raised about the safety of the stadium.

The authorities have not completed all the works of the stadium yet. It is expected that the field will be fully prepared by the middle of next September. This year’s World Cup is scheduled to feature five important matches, including a semi-final. Bangladesh has two matches out of five matches.



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