Friday, September 22, 2023

Finally!: WhatsApp implements a function to send high-resolution photos on iOS and Android phones

as a courier service. In its style, it is the most popular application on the entire planet, an issue that gives you a back to try options with great peace of mind.

There are many changes that have been implemented in the service of Goal. However, one that I had pending regarding competitors such as Telegram or Signal, it was the quality of the images.

High-end cell phones like the iPhone 14 or the Samsung Galaxy S23 take truly spectacular photos. However, its quality is greatly lost when it is transmitted through a message. WhatsApp.

There are tricks so that an image does not lose its good resolution. But nobody wants to be resorting to tricks to be able to have something as simple as a quality photo.

That seems to be about to end. The recognized insider by WhatsApp, WA Beta Inforeviews in a note that recent beta versions of the Meta app for iOS and Android already come with a function that avoids losing the quality of an image when it is passed through a message.

“After installing the latest beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS from the TestFlight app and WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store, some users may experiment with sending HD photos while retaining their resolution. This feature definitely improves the user experience when sending images, and it is being implemented for some beta testers!

In fact, with a screenshot they show what the function will look like that you can access if you want to use it. The idea is that the user has the option to keep the quality of an image if they wish, or not to use it in case they don’t care about these issues.

WhatsApp HD image function.  WA Beta Info


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