Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Finally someone said it! “It is a very uneven tournament for all the Mexican teams”: Tato Noriega

The team president MontereyJosé Antonio Noriega, criticized the organization of the League Cupstating that the Mexican teams have suffered major logistical failures that put them at an unfair disadvantage in the tournament.

We are very unhappy, disappointed, worriedNoriega said. “We have many players touched and that a game is changed, that they go ahead to 11, with all the kilometers that we have on us, Tigres and we, in that order, are the ones who have traveled the most and now we, still alive and going to Los Angeles We are going to accumulate an amount of kilometers that is not worth”.

Classic Regal

Monterey He got his pass to the quarterfinals by defeating 1-0 tigers in edition 132 of the Monterrey classic and now he will have to travel from Houston to Los Angeles to dispute his next commitment.

It will be the fifth game traveling, while for Los Angeles it will be a game with their players going home to eat every day, with their families, going to the movies, resting and ours are making a huge reinforcementNoriega added.

Noriega also criticized the lack of fairness in the tournament.

It seems to me that there is a great lack of organization, it is very necessary to be equitable, I do not want to talk about more, but if we advance in Los Angeles, I am sure that we will go to the other side of the country, it is crazy”, he asserted.

The manager of striped He recalled that all the Mexican clubs have gone through different difficult moments within the fair and that he hopes for an improvement in the organization in the future.

Someone of weight like Pep Guardiola has said it, we are playing with our most important piece that are the protagonists, in this tournament specifically it has been very uneven and not only against MonterreyNoriega said.

I’m talking about all the Mexican teams, which have suffered various setbacks as a result of injustice, there is a lot to improve and I hope they do, because it’s not good at all”, concluded José Antonio Noriega.


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