Friday, September 22, 2023

Filtered the first image of the iPhone 15 Pro in the new Titan Gray color

After what 9to5Mac filter that the iPhone 15 Pro will have two new color optionsnow the same means shared an image, apparently official, of the terminal in Titanium Gray. Be careful, this is the first time that we see promotional resources for the new device.

The image in question shows the iPhone 15 Pro with a transparent case. Let’s remember that Apple, when it presents a new generation of its mobile, already has a complete catalog of accessories ready to complement it. This time, however, somehow the footage has made it out of Apple Park.

Regarding the Titan Gray color, it seems to be a intermediate proposal between Space Gray and Silver, both available in the current range. Unfortunately, the case does not allow the new titanium frame to be properly appreciated – which arrives to replace the stainless steel.

In addition to Titan Grey, hours before the aforementioned medium stated that Apple will present a iPhone 15 Pro in blue. However, no image is filtered from this variant yet. We will have to wait until mid-September to see if it is the same shade that accompanied the iPhone 13 Pro —Sierra Blue—, or a different one.

Alleged official filtered image of the iPhone 15 Pro in Titan Gray color

Exciting days are approaching for all those who are waiting for the new generation of the apple terminal. Over the past few years, Apple has found it increasingly difficult to keep major new features under lock and key. Probably more leaks will emerge before the keynote.

According to Mark Gurman, a journalist for Bloomberg and a reputable source on upcoming Apple products, the iPhone 15 will be presented on September 12 or 13. If we go back to the previous year’s schedule, the invitations will then be sent out to the media sometime next week.

The iPhone 15 Pro is shaping up to be the biggest update the variant has received premium in recent years. Among the novelties that we are already aware of is, for example, the adoption of the USB-C port. Apple, in order to align itself with the European regulation of a single connection standard, will have to abandon Lightning.

On the front of the iPhone 15 Pro we will see the dynamic island again, but what will really steal your attention is that it will have the thinner bezels that have been seen on an iPhone – and throughout the industry in general. Design, as you surely know, will give up right angles in favor of curved edges. Remember the iPhone 5c? Well, it will be something similar.

On the other hand, everything indicates that this year Apple will provide the iPhone 15 Pro Max with at least one exclusive feature. It is rumored that this model will integrate a periscope camerawhich brings with it a higher magnification optical zoom.

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