Friday, December 9, 2022

Film Wrap: Pakistani film fame worldwide, Neena Gupta regrets being pregnant without marriage

See what happened in the world of entertainment in Wednesday’s film wrap. Pakistani film The Legend of Maula Jatt is being appreciated worldwide. The film has crossed the figure of 200 crores. Neena Gupta has expressed regret over her affair with West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. He said that it was difficult for him to have a child without marriage.

Vikram Gokhale Health: Veteran actor Vikram Gokhale’s condition critical, admitted in hospital for several days, has worked with Amitabh-Salman
The condition of veteran actor Vikram Gokhale, who proved his acting prowess in many Bollywood hit films, is critical. Vikram Gokhale is admitted in the hospital for the last few days. According to the new information, the condition of the actor has now deteriorated. They are critical. Doctors are leaving no stone unturned in his treatment.

Kourtney Kardashian kept this thing of her son in a secret drawer, being emotional said- ‘I keep smelling…’
Apart from their stardom, the Kardashian family is also known for their strange choices and antics. Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest daughter of this family, who is considered to be a social media sensation, has recently revealed another strange thing. Courtney said that she has kept her son’s hair till now. Not only this, she keeps smelling it every now and then.

Fawad Khan’s PAK film hits the screens, breaks box office records, earns over 200 crores
Away from Bollywood, Fawad Khan’s charm is still on people. The magic of his acting goes up in the heads of the fans. This is proved by his recent release The Legend of Maula Jatt. It has been two months since the release of the film, but Danka is still ringing all over the world. Looking at the current reports, Fawad Khan’s film has entered the 200 crore club.

Neena Gupta called Vivian Richards after being pregnant without marriage, asked – If you don’t want this child…
Actress Neena Gupta has always lived her life in a cool way. In those times, when the society used to scold for becoming a mother without marriage, Neena Gupta gave birth to a child and brought it up as a single parent. Neena Gupta had an affair with West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. Already married Vivian did not marry Nina. In an interview, Neena Gupta told how Vivian reacted after knowing about her pregnancy.

Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli rented a luxury flat, monthly rent in lakhs
Big news has come about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. Anushka and Virat have come into the limelight regarding their new home. A few days back, the couple had taken singer Kishore Kumar’s bungalow in Juhu on lease. At the same time, news has come that Virat and Anushka have taken a new flat on rent in Mumbai. Believe me, you will be shocked to know the price of the flat.

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