Friday, December 2, 2022

Fifa World Cup Switzerland vs Cameroon: Switzerland overshadowed Cameroon’s aggressive game, defeated in exciting match

Fifa World Cup Switzerland vs Cameroon: Switzerland vs Cameroon match was played on Thursday in the FIFA World Cup 2022 being hosted by Qatar. The match was very exciting, in which Cameroon showed its aggressive game. But his one did not last in front of Switzerland. Switzerland won the match 1-0 and got three points.

The first half of the match was on par without a goal. But in the second half, Briel Embolo scored a goal for Switzerland and brought great success to the team. He scored this goal in the 48th minute of the match itself. That is, as soon as the game of the second half started, Switzerland had taken a winning lead.

The match ended in a draw in the first half

In fact, in the first half of the match, both the teams, Switzerland and Cameroon, were seen dominating each other. During this, Cameron showed a more aggressive game. Whether it is accuracy or possession. In everything, both the teams did not look less than each other. In the first half, the Cameroon team tried to score five times and made two powerful target shots, but Switzerland failed them all.

In the first half, Switzerland created three chances to score, but they failed in front of Cameroon’s strong defending policy. Due to this, the first half was on par without a goal. But with the start of the second half, the Switzerland team opened its account.

Briel Embolo cashed in a goal chance

With the start of the second half, Cameroon again showed aggressive play. But this time Bril Embolo of Switzerland was sitting on the spot. This opportunity was given to him by fellow player Shakiri. In the 48th minute of the match, when Embolo and Shaqiri reached the goal post of Cameroon, then Shaqiri gave a great pass and this time Embolo capitalized on the opportunity and sent the ball to the goal post of the opposition camp.

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