Friday, December 2, 2022

FIFA World Cup Spain vs Costa Rica: Spain won the FIFA World Cup, beat Costa Rica badly

FIFA World Cup Spain vs Costa Rica: The Spain team has made a bang in the FIFA World Cup 2022 season being hosted by Qatar. The Spanish team has badly defeated Costa Rica 7-0 in their first match. With this victory, Spain has secured three points.

Spain, ranked sixth in FIFA’s world rankings, did not give Costa Rica a chance to make a comeback in this match. Spain scored three goals in the first half itself. At the same time, the Costa Rica team is at number 31 in the FIFA world rankings.

Spain scored three goals in the first half itself

In the match, Spain kept hold from the beginning. The first goal of the match was scored by Dani Olmo of Spain in the 11th minute itself. After this, the second goal came in the 21st minute. This success was also achieved by Spanish player Marco Asensio. Then the third goal was also scored by Ferran Torres of Spain in the 31st minute.

In this way, the Spanish team took a 3-0 lead in the first half. Then it seemed that the Costa Rica team would show something special in the second half, but it did not happen. In the second half too, Spain maintained its domineering game and scored the fourth goal as well.

Spain dominated the second half

In the beginning of the second half, once again Spain continued its domineering game. Like the first half, in the second half too, Spain did not give any chance to the Costa Rica team to return to the game and maintained its dominance. In the second half, Spain scored the fourth goal in the 54th minute itself. This success was achieved again by Ferran Torres. This was his second consecutive goal in the match.

When the match was about to enter the last round, the Spanish team scored three more goals. The fifth goal of the match was scored by Gavi of Spain in the 74th minute. The scheduled time of the match was about to end, when in the 90th minute, Carlos Soler scored the sixth goal. After this, on getting extra time, Álvaro Morata did wonders and scored the seventh goal for the team in the 90+2nd minute.

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