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Fifa World Cup Brazil vs Serbia: Neymar fails, Richarlison’s double blast, Brazil defeats Serbia

FIFA World Cup Brazil vs Serbia: In the FIFA World Cup 2022 being hosted by Qatar, a match was played between Brazil and Serbia, which remained one sided. From the beginning till the last minute, the Brazilian team looked overwhelming. In the end, Brazil won the match 2-0. Also got three points.

The first half of the match between Brazil and Serbia, the most 5-time World Cup winner, was on par without any goal. After this, in the second half, the Brazilian team scored two goals while showing aggressive play. Both these goals were scored by Richarlison and played an important role in helping the team win.

This is how both goals were scored in the match

first goal: Richarlison scored in the 62nd minute
Goal 2: Richarlison scored again in the 73rd minute

Richarlison scored two goals to ensure victory

Neymar’s magic did not work at all in the match. Vinicius Junior also could not show amazing. But in the meantime, Richarlison scored the first goal for the team in the 62nd minute to give a significant lead. After its 11th minute, Richarlison once again showed his dominance and almost ensured the victory by scoring the second goal. This goal came in the 73rd minute.

He was rested in the 79th minute, keeping Richarlison out. By this time he had changed his name. Soon after, Neymar was also given rest and was made to sit outside. Substitute was included in place of both. There was also a substitute Anthony among them, who is in excellent form at the moment.

Serbia team also looked heavy in the first half

In the first half of the match, the Serbian team also showed stamina. However, in spite of this, Brazil looked heavy in the first half as well. A total of 5 goal attempts were made in the first half. Brazil did it four times. The great thing is that two of the four shots were exactly on target. However, due to the brilliant performance of the Serbian goalkeeper, Brazil could not succeed in the first half.

Even in the matter of possession in the first half, the Brazilian team was heavy. He kept 59 percent of the ball with himself. While 41 percent ball possession was with the Serbian team. Serbia committed 8 fouls in the first half, while Brazil committed only 4 fouls.

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