Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ferrari prepares millionaire figure to hire Lewis Hamilton

What would be one of the biggest bombings in the history of the Formula 1, Ferrari will bet heavily to try to incorporate into the team nothing more and nothing less than lewis hamilton.

As reported by Daily Mail, the Italian team is preparing a figure close to 40 million dollars to sign the seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton and thus incorporate him into the historic team of the highest category.

The rumors with the British driver seem to be very relevant because his contract with Mercedes expires at the end of the year and due to the steps back from the silver arrows, they would not see a bad option to leave with a view to returning to fight for the first places.

The British press points out that Ferrari’s Plan A is to associate Hamilton with Charles Leclerc starting next season. That would mean sending Carlos Sainz to another team, something they would be prepared to do.

In the event that it gets complicated, the second option is to sacrifice Leclerc to sign Hamilton. This would amount to an exchange. In this scenario, Hamilton drives alongside the Spaniard Sainz in Ferrari, while Leclerc is paired with George Russell in Mercedes.


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