Sunday, December 3, 2023

Fernando Ortiz will seek to maintain a good run in Clásicos against Pumas

The Águilas del América continue to rise during the final stretch of the Clausura 2023 at the hands of Fernando Ortiz, and in the final stretch they will have one of the most passionate duels, the Clásico from the capital against Pumas.

Although this match always looks even as it is a classic, everything indicates that coach Fernando Ortiz has taken the measure of these matches, by remaining undefeated in this type of commitment against the three rivals most hated by the Azulcremas.


Since, since his arrival on the Águilas bench in 2022, Tano Ortiz has had to face Pumas, Chivas and Cruz Azul a total of seven times, with five wins and two draws.

Of these matches, the one that has taken the measure the most is Cruz Azul, whom they have just beaten in the last round and has a history of two wins and a draw, with a goal differential in favor of 10 scored for only 1 received, including that historic 7-0, the biggest victory in the young Classic for the Eagles and which, in the end, would result in the dismissal of Diego Aguirre.

While against Guadalajara, he also has a streak of two wins and a draw, with a record of 6 goals in favor and three against, consecrating himself as a historic strategist for the Azulcremas.

For his part, against Pumas, Fernando Ortiz has only had one test, in the Apertura 2022 tournament, although it was a great memory for Tano.

Since, although the Pumas had the image of Dani Alves in that match, the Águilas conquered Ciudad Universitaria with a resounding 3-0, thanks to goals from Diego Valdés, Jonathan Rodríguez and Alejandro Zendejas.

With this track record, Ortiz also approaches the mark of having won the three classics in the same campaign on two different occasions, something achieved on four previous occasions: Winter 1997, under the command of Jorge Solari and Gonzalo Farfán, the Clausura 2013 tournaments. and Apertura 2017, with Miguel Herrera and Apertura 2022, which was directed by Ortiz himself.

Now, with a more experienced team and excited to be able to transcend to important instances, América will seek to maintain that good streak against the Pumas, now led by Antonio Mohamed and who arrive with two consecutive wins.

With 30 points, the cream-blue team knows that this match can be key to ensuring the direct league and, with a combination of results, even thinking about seizing the general leadership of the Clausura 2023.


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