Friday, September 22, 2023

Fernando Hierro: “Yes, we are hurt, but we have to get up”

It’s only been a few days since the Chivas they ended the tournament with a heavy defeat in the final against tigers and now it is the turn of Fernando Hierro, Sports Director of the team, to take the spotlight and speak on behalf of the institution. The manager took advantage of the microphones to talk about various topics such as: the runner-up of the Closing 2023the club’s project and the rumors of incorporations.

Iron began with the impressions that his first tournament in the team left him rojiblancoand how, despite the defeat in the team, the path that must be followed to advance with the project and achieve the objectives is clear.

Fernando Hierro

“We know where we are starting from and we are clear about where we want to go. These six months have been an extraordinary experience and over time it will be seen that we have worked a lot”, he explained at the conference.

Referring to the unimaginable cartwheel of the team regiomontanoexplained that the harsh blow received by the tigers leaving the team very hurt, but that is not a reason to stay down, since the desire to move on and return to work increases.

“Hurt, yes, because we are athletes, but after 48 hours you want to get up again, go back to work, train more. We understand that we must get up, ”said the manager.

Regarding the current squad, he mentioned that people tend to analyze the equipment from the results obtained, but that he prefers to rescue the best things from the bad.

“I don’t have a very large environment, but as many names come out as if it were really like that. I normally work discreetly and I will try to make the best possible decisions, but there have been many names for months and one cannot do anything”, Hierro remarked.

In the same way, he added that in the internal market there could be possibilities to look for players, but that this is very expensive and many times the clubs do not let them leave.

“Maybe there are players who want to come and don’t let them. The domestic market is very expensive, it is one thing to want to and another for your club to want to transfer them ”, he declared.


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