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Fermín Aldeguer wins in Moto2 and Pedro Acosta is close to the title

The Spanish Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) won the second victory of his career sporty and of the season by winning the Thai Moto2 Grand Prix at the Chang International circuit, in which his compatriot Pedro Acosta (Kalex), second, could not sign the mathematical achievement of the title world.

Aldeguer dominated the race from start to finish, after also having been the fastest in training and achieving the fastest lap in the second lap, but its attention was focused on the possibility, failed, that another Spaniard, Pedro Acosta, would mathematically be proclaimed World Champion. But Acosta couldn’t keep up of Fermín Aldeguer and decided to stay in a comfortable second seatwhich could also have given him the title, if his rival, the Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex), had finished fifteenth or outside the points, but he was fourth.

Pedro Acosta now has 300.5 points and will have a much easier time becoming world champion in the next round of the championship, in Malaysia in fourteen days, in which Tony Arbolino, with 237.5 points, will have the obligation to win if he wants. have some kind of possibility of delaying the achievement of the title by the ‘Shark’ again.

Although before starting the Moto2 race they began to some raindrops fallwhen it was time to start the sky was a little more open and the rain seemed to stop being a threat.

When the traffic light went out, the Spanish Fermín Aldeguer maintained his privileged position, just ahead of the world leader, Pedro Acosta, with the Italian Tony Arbolino, his rival in the race for the title, gaining a position by being seventh in the first partial. Albert Arenas (Kalex) didn’t do very well either, who lost a series of positionslike Arón Canet (Kalex), who were overtaken by Tony Arbolino, although it did not take long for Canet to regain the position before completing the first lap of the race, in which Aldeguer remained firm in the lead.

Arón Canet was not too lucky, as he got ahead of himself at the start and, for that reason, was sanctioned with a long double turn which practically forced him to say goodbye to any good results in Thailand.

While Aldeguer and Acosta remained firmly at the head of the race, Tony Arbolino, the only one who could mathematically prevent the Spaniard from winning the title, was losing positionssurpassed by his compatriot Celestino Vietti (Kalex) and the British Jake Dixon (Kalex), to complete the third lap ninth.

On the fourth lap, Canet completed his first long lap, in which he lost five positions, from sixth to eleventh, to enter behind the Spanish Manuel González (Kalex). And, in the fifth lap, the British Jake Dixon entered completely into turn three to collide with the Italian Celestino Vietti and jump into the air, as the transalpine driver also went to the ground shortly after.

Aldeguer, a hammer

Ahead, Fermín Aldeguer, with a firm and very fast pacegradually distanced himself from Pedro Acosta, while Marcos Ramírez and Somkiat Chantra had their particular duel, which in the sixth lap gave third place to the local idol, with the fifth placed, the Spanish Alonso López (Boscoscuro), at the head of a large group of pilotsalready more than five seconds from the head of the race.

Arón Canet completed the double long penalty lap and returned to the track in fourteenth place, within that large group of drivers, which was reduced to four one lap later, Alonso López, Tony Arbolino, Albert Arenas and Manuel González, with the rest of the drivers in the group a little further back and with the Japanese Ai Ogura (Kalex) as a bridgehead and the Spanish Izan Guevara (Kalex), pulling behind him to not to be left hanging.

Little by little the situation became clearer and all its protagonists were consolidated in their positions, Fermín Aldeguer in first place, Pedro Acosta in second, Somkiat Chantra in third and already in the fight for fourth place, Marcos Ramírez and Tony Arbolino, and Alonso López and Albert Arenas were grouped in pairs. With this situation, Pedro Acosta could not achieve his goal of becoming champion and the laps were passing without the situation showing any signs of changing.

In the fourteenth lap he still took a step forward Tony Arbolino, who overtook Marcos Ramírez to place himself in fourth place, the best possible resultsince the leading drivers of the race were already too far away, but little by little he consolidated, leaving the fight for fifth place to Ramírez, Arenas and Ogura.

With Fermín Aldeguer as the clear winner, accompanied on the podium by Pedro Acosta and Somkiat Chantra, fourth place went to Tony Arbolino, with Ai Ogura fifth, Marcos Ramírez sixth, ahead of a quintet of Spanish drivers formed by Albert Arenas, Alonso López , Izan Guevara, Manuel González and Arón Canet. Jeremy Alcoba finished in thirteenth position, with Alex Escrig (Kalex), nineteenth.


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