The Dominican-International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs held its Ordinary and Electoral General Assembly to publicize the accountability reports of the past management, the achievements of the board and members of the federation and the new board.

Amarilys Durán, as president, presented the 2020-2022 management report, highlighting the achievements and progress made during that period, which includes more than 100 activities, virtual and face-to-face, agreements, strategic alliances, links, both national and international, from the government and business sector, impacting women in economic, social and environmental aspects.


Durán thanked God for the support of the 2020-2022 board of directors, of the members, past presidents and advisers for their wise advice. In addition, to the sponsors and collaborators, who have been key to achieving a stronger FEM, while not neglecting “our families, our companies.”

He highlighted how innovation and renewal were present in this management, launching a change of image and graphic line and celebrating the 25th anniversary of the FEM in style.

He highlighted the coordination and sustainable support of the associativity with other sister associations hand in hand with collaborating organizations and institutions. “We will continue working on strengthening our FEM, more support for its members, more support for women in their comprehensive development,” she assured.


They presented in that order the economic report by Teresita Vargas, treasurer of the management that closed with this Ordinary General Assembly, on the balance of the entity, which after being presented, the formal discharge was granted to the board of directors for the efforts made. during the period 2020-2022.

the new directive

The board elected for the 2022-2024 period is made up of Amarilys Durán, President; Rossy Escotto, first vice president, and Teresita Vargas, second vice president; Yulibelys Wandelpool, secretary; Sonya Uribe, deputy secretary; Emery Colomby Rodríguez, treasurer, and the members: Linda Valette, Patricia Portela, Linnette García, Grisel Sánchez, Miguelina Santos, Nurys Veras, Marisol Henriquez, Fiona Almonte, Yuli Inoa, Claudia Castillo, Priska Reyes and Luz Divina Escoto.