Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Fans enjoy the preview of the derby in Antequera

Although the match has been declared “high risk”, The preview through the streets of Antequera is developing completely normally. The blue and white fans have invaded the city of Antequera to enjoy themselves in the bars and terraces before heading to El Maulí to watch the provincial derby they face. this afternoon at Malaga CF and to Antequera (6:00 p.m.).

There will be more than 600 blue and white fans in the stands at El Maulí, but there are many others who have traveled without a ticket to enjoy the atmosphere and charms of Antequera. Fans of both teams have mixed in the areas near the stadium without any type of altercation occurring.

The Málaga CF fans already starred massive displacements this year to Linares and Huelva and now he has done the same again in Antequera. The proximity between the two towns invited this, and if the Boquero fans had had more tickets – the club has distributed 600 among its subscribers – the blue and white tide would have been even greater.


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