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Fans crazy for ‘Ghode Pe Sawar Hai’ singer, want to marry Awaaz

Recently, Trupti Dhimri and Babil Khan starrer film ‘Kala’ was released on Netflix. The film was based on the struggle and mental health of a singer. Along with the love of the critics, the songs of the film also attracted the attention of the people. Especially the song Ghori Pe Sawar Hai is getting a lot of attention these days on social media. Let me tell you, the song has been given voice by South’s singer Sirisha Bhagwatula. In this meeting, she shares with us the response she is getting to this song and many interesting things related to it.

On the response the song is getting, Sirisha says, I did not expect that the song would be liked so much. However, when I reached Mumbai for recording, I fell in love with the song and its composition as soon as I heard it. I recorded it two years ago and to be honest, I had forgotten how to present this song among people. When it was released, I was very shocked that hey did I sing this song.

Interestingly, the song was doing well, but it did not go viral at the time of its release. Suddenly this storm has come, and it is really over-welcoming for me. I am continuously getting messages on social media. Many have written this message that I want to marry your voice. Apart from this, many veterans have also congratulated me by messaging.

Sirisha says on the test of her music, the style of this song is very retro age. I myself have been old school in terms of songs. I had no idea that it would become so popular among the youth. I have got to sing such a song in this era, so I am very happy. Although I do not want to limit myself anywhere. I will explore all kinds of music. Recently I have sung a rap in South.

Sharing the recording experience of this song, Sirisha says, I recorded the song after coming to Yash Raj’s studio. Amit Trivedi (music composer) gave me two songs. Ek phero na nazriya, which I completed in one take only. At the same time, I completed this song on three to four retakes. Amit had given me the song, which I had memorized in one sitting. The delicacy of the song was also told by Amit, and I have also added some antics. I had the freedom from Amit that I could sing this song however I wanted.

Ready to set foot in Bollywood, Sirisha says, I will stay in Mumbai for some time and then try my luck in singing. Although my base is Chennai only. Here too I have got many opportunities. I am planning to balance well in both the industries. See today, the distance between South and Hindi industry has been bridged. Artists are getting both the opportunities.

MM Karim sir has given training

Let me tell you, Sirisha has been a part of many singing reality shows. MM Karim was her judge in the first reality show. On this Srisha says, when I was in the singing reality show, my judge was MM Karim sir. I consider myself lucky that she has polished me in my initial days. He always used to explain to me. Today the song of RRA has got global recognition, it is proud to see it. When he won the award, I sent him a congratulatory message. Despite being so busy, he replied to me.

slept in rahman’s studio

Sirisha tells about her recording experience with Rahman, after the reality show was over, I got an offer from AR Rahman to sing a scratch song. I was very happy. When I reached his studio on the first day, Rahman sir was not there at that time. When I reached there in the evening, I was told to wait for a while, the composition work is going on. I was sitting on the stairs near there, and I don’t know when I fell asleep. Those who had called me had also forgotten that I was there.

All those people were about to lock the studio, when someone’s eyes fell on me. After this, when I reached on the second day, Rahman sir was standing in front of me, on seeing me, he said, Srisha, are you vegetarian or non-vegetarian, perhaps he was ordering food for his staff. After this, when I was in the recording room, seeing Sir, I became so nervous that I was not able to sing. Understanding my condition, Sir went out and then went and recorded the song.


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