Saturday, December 2, 2023

Expo Feria Madre Feliz closes with 11,000 million in assets

The twenty-third version of the Happy Mother Fair Expo reached 11,000 million in assets, the placement of credits for an amount of RD$1,755.8 million, benefiting 8,421 families and incorporating more than 2,300 associates into its affiliate portfolio.

During the Expo Fair, a program of educational activities was developed with renowned experts who presented on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, clean energyreduction of household expenses, personal branding, disease prevention to the roles of female empowerment and physical and emotional well-being.

In this version the cooperative women exhibited their product ventures such as wines, artisan ice creams, beauty products, hand painting, decoration, honey, among others.

were also performed medical operatives where primary care and blood typing services were offered, impacting hundreds of patients who, in addition to free consultation, received medication.

For 23 years, the fair has been one of the most cherished projects of Vega Real. Every year the challenge is to overcome the previous fair and thus consolidate this massive community, economic and social event that has strengthened in the region and transcends international spaces.

Yanio Concepción, executive president of Vega Real affirmed that “The success that the Expo Fair exhibits today is the result of the impeccable management of the Senior Management in training and leading teams that work with dedication, passion and cooperative identity towards the achievement of the established goals. and the satisfaction of seeing the dreams of each Vega Real associate come true, who is looking for a solution at the Expo Fair”.

Likewise, visits were received from personalities such as the executive director of the Public Corporation for the Supervision and Insurance of Cooperatives (Cossec) of Puerto RicoMabel Jiménez, who was accompanied by the executives of Cuna Mutual, Rubén Bonilla and Víctor Ynoa, representatives of the Ministry of womenMaripilis Florentino and Rosa Matos, for the United Nations Development Program UNDP were Rosalía Pina and Leire Arteach, regional representative.


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