Sunday, December 3, 2023

Expert warns basic operators will be replaced by robots in 15 years

The CEO of the robotics company MOV.AI, Motti Kushnirwarned this Thursday that the lowest-income workers “will be replaced by robots in 15 years”, which he believes is the main challenge of current companies, although he qualified that the arrival of robots “like in Star Wars” to everyday life will take at least 50 years.

The Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of La Coruña hosts today and tomorrow Ecosystems2030, the summit on technology and innovation that celebrates its third edition, the second in a row in the city in the northwest of Spain.

Motti Kushnir wondered “how close we are to the Star Wars dream with robots in the next decade” and ruled out that this is an imminent issue.

In fact, he believes that the closer the human being from Star Wars are laser guns, which Israel is about to introduce, “with each shot priced at $2, but it took 50 years to develop.”

The arrival from robots to everyday life is a question that he doesn’t think will be seen for at least another 50 years.

“A decade ago we talked about the metaverse and autonomous vehicles, but look where we are now,” he declared, calling attention to the fact that “it’s not at all clear whether normal people want to use an autonomous vehicle.”

He processAccording to what he said, it goes through development in the university, improvement in the military field and, later, the first step to the companies before reaching the consumers.

“If someone is waiting for a tesla bot that he do his laundry in the next decade, that he keep waiting, ”he said.

However, Kushnir mentioned the robots currently working in logistics companies with large warehouses such as Amazonwhere 1.1 billion employees would be needed just to move pallets, so electronic devices are beginning to “replace workers”.

“Be careful for your workers low income because they are going to be totally replaced in the next 15 years. We must think about how we can form them and see what to do with them, perhaps the maintenance of those robots”, he warned those present about what he thinks is the main “challenge” of today.

In the afternoon session there was also a panel on the sustainabilityin which the representatives of Airbus, Arteria AI or Krohne Group demanded to “think about each step of the ladder” and work “without fear” in this aspect.

Sustainability must be much more than industrial innovationsince it implies thinking about people and artificial intelligence plays a key role in this aspect.

“It has to be integrated into everything we do, not just use it as a frame“, summarized the presenter Nikki Eberhardt at the end.

Saeed Al Dhaheri, from the University of Dubai, reflected on the “ethical impacts” of technological evolution and appealed to analyze these types of issues.


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