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Exclusive: Sometimes exercise on zoom call, sometimes changed techniques… this is how Pathan’s look was achieved

His trainer Prashant Sawant is behind this amazing body of Shahrukh seen in Pathan. For the last 23 years, Prashant has been training Shahrukh. During a special conversation with us, he reveals many secrets about his body, workout routine, diet.

Talking about the body type of King Khan, Prashant says – The quality of a sportsmanship suits inside Shahrukh. He takes every task in a sporting manner. Working with him has been very easy. He has given me the freedom that whatever I want him to do, I can get it done without any hesitation. He follows all the instructions like a good student.

The body will be good, only then the shirt will come off
Prashant says, I have been with Shahrukh sir for the last 22 years. Our first meeting took place during Ashoka. There I prepared him for Ashoka. After this, the six pack trend in Om Shanti Om also came because of Shahrukh. Shahrukh sir has always been a shy type of actor. He does not like to show-off his body. When Farah told him about taking off his shirt during the film, he came to me and said that he does not understand how it will happen. He had kept this condition that only if the body is made, then only the shirt will come off. Since then this joke has been going on among us that he will keep a good body, only then he will give his shirtless shot. Since then you see, in whatever film Shah Sir has worked shirtless, his body looks so beautiful. Over the years, he had many injuries, sometimes neck, sometimes solder, and sometimes chin surgery. We have evolved over the years. Even today his dedication shocks me. We plan similar workouts for four days a week, sometimes three days. Meanwhile, when a film comes, then the intensity of our workouts increases.

Found this body in 18 months
Prashant told that Shah Rukh has worked on his body for almost two years for this film. King Khan’s dedication for this film, which was always ready for workouts, was of a different level. Shahrukh worked out daily for 18 consecutive months without taking any leave till the shooting of Pathan started. He used to spend about 1 to 1.5 hours daily in the gym. During this, Shahrukh neither used to listen to the song nor used the phone. He used to work on every part of his body with complete focus. We did a lot of brainstorming before achieving this look. We were not focusing only on the body. We had to maintain his look as well as his body. The good thing is that Shahrukh sir’s body is perfect, it is neither too wide nor too thin, it is an ideal body. In such a situation, we had to choose Pathan’s look in such a way that he looks perfect in every way. Shahrukh sir’s involvement in this was very high. He was returning after four years. There has been a lot of hard work in this. Shahrukh never shies away from working hard. During this time we adopted some new techniques of exercise, did some intense but he never let it happen. In fact, they used to say that hey, when he did not bear the pain, then why a hero? It was his approach that gave him the body of a Pathan. If someone says that Pathan’s body has been made in two months, then it will be an impossible thing.

Used to exercise through video calls in Kovid
Prashant further says, meanwhile Kovid had also arrived. In such a situation, we were not physically in contact for seven months. So during that time there was talk of weight training over video calls and phone only. He used to send me his video or picture after working out daily. We used to discuss exercises on zoom calls as well. When the lockdown ended, his consistency proved to be very helpful for me. I didn’t even need to tell them from the beginning. He likes to take challenges during exercise. He challenges himself.

Had to increase protein and supplements
Talking about the diet plan, Prashant says, Shahrukh is not very foodie. That’s why there was not much problem with them. Yes, but at the time of Pathan, he had increased the amount of protein in his diet. Had started eating more salad, eggs and chicken. They start with black coffee. Yes, he has given up sugar for a long time. They prefer natural sugar based things more. Along with this, supplements were also increased. Along with training for a good body, nutrition should also be sufficient. In such a situation, if supplements are not available, then the body becomes lacy. These supplements used to have more multivitamins, minerals. This diet has helped a lot in growing his muscles. On dedication to workout even at the age of 57, Prashant says, Shahrukh sir has been doing workouts for two decades. In such a situation, muscle memory has been formed, their strength has been developed. Exercise has not been difficult for him. Yes, it becomes a bit difficult to get the look. But you see him, even at 57 he is looking around 40. The older they are getting, the stronger they are becoming. In all these years, I have never felt his energy drain. Even twenty years ago, he used to do workouts with the same energy and today it is the same. They get lost while exercising. I never find Shahrukh a high maintenance actor but an easy going person.

It is said that many times stars stop drinking water while shooting to maintain a six pack. Did Shahrukh also reduce the water. In response to this, Prashant says, this happens when your body has achieved that by exercising immediately. But this is not the case with Shahrukh sir. He has made this body after a long hard work. So they don’t need to skip water like this or adopt juice living hacks. We have worked hard, so there was no need to do all this in the last days. We have completed the shoot with proper food and nutrition. It was the same diet from the first day till the last day.

shahrukh is in love with six packs
Prashant also reveals the secret that Shah Rukh Khan is very fond of six packs. Infact, they also tell their children how important it is to have a body with abs. When he achieved the six pack body for the first time, he has maintained that consistency ever since. However, whenever you praise him, he is not in the habit of taking compliments, he gets very shy.

By achieving Pathan’s body, we were celebrating him everyday. When his body was visible during the shooting, or when he used to show his body in the gym, then there was a feeling of a sense of achievement. I used to get emotional too at times. I feel very happy that Shahrukh sir has put that faith in me. He is coming after four years, seeing him on screen is a very personal experience for me. She is like a family, I want the film to discuss not only her body but her work. I wish Pathan success from the bottom of my heart.


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