Saturday, September 30, 2023

Exclusive: My daughter did not commit suicide but was murdered, this too will be revealed – Pratyusha’s father

A new twist has come in the case of TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee. Recently, the sessions court has rejected the petition of her boyfriend Rahul Singh, saying that somewhere he has a hand in provoking Pratyusha to commit suicide.

In 2016, in the TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case, her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh was accused of abetting her to commit suicide. Rahul, who has been facing this allegation for a long time, had applied in the court that he should be freed from these allegation. But dashing Rahul’s hopes, the court has not only rejected his application but also made serious remarks on him saying that it was because of Rahul that Pratyusha has taken a step like suicide. Also said that Rahul had made Pratyusha’s life hell. Now on this only Pratyusha’s father has had an exclusive conversation with us.

eight years of waiting
Shankar Banerjee says, ‘What can I say about our system here, it took 8 years to start this case. Look, we are already shouting and saying that this is not suicide but murder. There are many reasons, which claim it to be a murder. Now all the things will come out one by one and come in front of everyone. The court does not belong to anyone, there everything comes out as truth. Every truth will come out. My wife and I know what we have faced in these eight years. This had become the only aim of our life.

made us the villains
Shankar further says, ‘Fake media trial went on, things were twisted so much that we were projected as villains. Due to this, the confidence is lost. Our hopes were also shattered. However, with the verdict that has come in the trial, a belief has arisen that gradually it will also be proved that the same boy killed my daughter. We are not going to get anything from this. On the contrary, I have lost everything. I am just fighting for the rights of my daughter and all those daughters.

we lost everything
Shankar says, ‘Sometimes I wonder what I had done that I have to go through all these things. I have lost even my only child. Look at the condition of the system from above that till now they are wandering from door to door for justice. All the accumulated capital that was there, has been thrown in this case. I can’t take the risk of breaking up and losing. Now I just want that he gets justice. A lot is yet to be revealed. Now a lot of truth is about to come out. My daughter and my family were fools who fell for his bluff. I do not want any parent to go through this pain of mine. Let me tell you, meanwhile the police will claim their charge and collect evidence. The next hearing is on November.


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