Friday, December 9, 2022

Exclusive: Kanishka Soni’s shocking revelation on ‘Shaadi Ki Baat’, boyfriend hit her hard on live-in relationship

The case of Shraddha and Aftab is being discussed in the whole country these days. South film and ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ show fame actress Kanishka Soni is very saddened by the news of Shraddha Walkar. She has made a crying video, in which she told that she has gone through the misdeeds of a person with this kind of mentality.

Big disclosure of Kanishka Soni

Kanishka Soni says, ‘I can relate to Shraddha’s story. I remember that actor had talked about marriage while proposing me. When I was in a relationship with him, I had to bear his anger issues, violent nature and drinking habits. I used to think that maybe there would be improvement after marriage. I used to spend most of the time at his house. He used to ask me to be in live in relationship. However, where I come from, it is not allowed here and I myself have never been in favor of live-in relationship.

The actress further says, ‘I used to stay at his house most of the time, because there was hope that we would get married. One day when I asked her when are we getting married. I was living with him only because he had said that he would get married soon. I had many dreams with him. He got angry on my question and that night he hit me a lot. At that time there was a fear in me that he could kill me anytime. I ran away from his house the same night with some of my belongings. I have seen only this violent form of boys in love.

Kanishka gave this advice to girls

Kanishka further says, ‘I don’t think that girls in our country go on live in relationship because they have to spend life with that person. She will not take a big decision like live in for time pass. Due to the atmosphere in our country, there only meaning is being extracted regarding this case. I would like to give the same opinion to the girls on live-in that even though the environment has changed, but until you know the person completely, do not take this decision.

The actress says that instead of marrying a person with such a sinister mindset, it is better that girls live alone and decorate their lives. The second thing I have to say is why the stars of our industry are not speaking anything on this matter. Very shocking thing.

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